- Jan 31 2021

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Clues Answers
''As I slowly grow wise, __'' IBRISKLYGROWCAUTIOUS
''Daily Show'' host after Stewart NOAH
''Get your facts first, and __'' THENYOUCANDISTORTTHEM
''Good grief!'' OHMY
''I have been complimented many times . . . I always feel that __'' THEYHAVENOTSAIDENOUGH
''Museo'' display ARTE
''Not likely'' IDOUBTIT
''Not totally'' prefix SEMI
''That's bizarre'' VERYODD
''Try some!'' TASTEIT
''We ought never to do wrong __'' WHENPEOPLEARELOOKING
''You bet!'' YES
Added stipulations ANDS
Affect adversely HURT
Airport screeners' org TSA
Alma __ MATER
Banquet hosts MCS
Bathwater tester TOE
Be felt very strongly RUNDEEP
Becomes inedible ROTS
Before today PRIOR
Boston, but not Austin SEAPORT
Bovine hurdle of rhyme MOON
BP gas brand AMOCO
Branch of Islam SUNNI
Broth maker's helper SOUPBONE
Carpentry connectors TENONS
Carried BORNE
Choir contingent ALTOS
Cleopatra's snake ASP
Clue header ACROSS
Co. designation INC
Color changers DYERS
Come to light ARISE
Constitution Hall org DAR
Crater Lake locale OREGON
Crisis signal REDALERT
Cuisine with peanut sauce THAI
Dishwasher creation SOAPSUDS
Double-crosser RAT
Dr. of 114 Across DRE
Elevated storage space ATTIC
Family nickname BRO
Feline sign LEO
Flows away EBBS
Fond hope DREAM
Four-hour films, often EPICS
Had been WERE
Half a figure eight ESS
Halloween decorations BATS
Hawkeye's home IOWA
Heartfelt DEAR
Heaven on earth EDEN
Hill's upper edge RIDGE
Isle of __ (Irish Sea land) MAN
Israel's region NEAREAST
Jai alai basket CESTA
Judge to be DEEM
Kermit's greeting HIHO
L.A. gridders THERAMS
L.A. hoopster LAKER
Last of all END
Less conventional GOOFIER
Less than confident NOTSURE
Linger aimlessly LOITER
Longing ACHE
Make amends ATONE
Mata __ HARI
Clues Answers
Middle of the 6th century DLI
Mr. Spock portrayer NIMOY
Much modern music RAP
Much-melted, as snow SLUSHY
Never: Ger NIE
New spiritual start REBIRTH
Nine-iron stroke CHIPSHOT
Nonstandard, as vbs IRR
Novelist Martin AMIS
NY neighbor ONT
Occupied, as a desk SATAT
Office building abbr STE
Old West outlaw BANDITO
Outlying towns EXURBS
Overly flattering SMARMY
Pago Pago person SAMOAN
Pal of Athos ARAMIS
Parts of '50s TVs CRTS
PC scrolling key PGDN
Pen for swine STY
Philly hoopster SIXER
Pine product TAR
Pitchforklike PRONGED
Places to park GARAGES
Pocatello sch ISU
Polynesian Cultural Center locale OAHU
Portray ACTAS
Post-engagement agreement PRENUP
Power source ATOM
Pulverize GRIND
Pupil-size controller IRIS
Queen of France REINE
Railways overhead ELS
Regional plants and 1 Down BIOTA
Residential suffix ITE
Revolutionary Guevara CHE
Ring regulator: Abbr WBA
Risky business SPEC
Second chances REDOS
Sinister BAD
Slalom with a chute PARASKI
Source of wool RAM
Spike of cinema LEE
Springy resorts SPAS
Starter for stream MID
Subj. for recent immigrants ESL
Summer Games org IOC
Texter's ''Enough already!'' TMI
The Constitution's septet ARTICLES
They're pressed for cash ATMS
Thinker's comment LETMESEE
Tourism invitation VISIT
Tread heavily STOMP
Two-value blackjack card ACE
U-Haul alternative RYDER
Up-to-date CURRENT
Upscale London neighborhood MAYFAIR
URL opener HTTP
Use leverage PRY
Vase with feet URN
Visionary SEER
Volcanic ejection ASH
Went back UTURNED
Where ''Les Miz'' premiered PARIS
Windsor Castle neighbor ETON
Word on theater tickets ROW
Written markers IOUS
X-ray alternative MRI
Zoologist's concern ANIMALS
__ out (barely manages) EKES