Wall Street Journal - Jan 30 2021 - Cheers for Jeers

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Clues Answers
“In apprehension how like ___”: Hamlet AGOD
“Much appreciated” in Matsuyama ARIGATO
“Science Guy” Bill NYE
“That’s just repulsive!” UGH
“Was ___ los?” (“What’s wrong?”) IST
“Well, ___-di-dah!” LAH
1960s TV show set at an African animal study center DAKTARI
1979 Hockey Hall of Fame inductee ORR
A long time AGES
Acapulco uncle TIO
Authoritative pronouncement SAYSO
Babylonian queen of heaven ISHTAR
Baseball card stat RBI
Big name in cameras, once KODAK
Big name in cameras, once KONICA
Birth-based NATAL
Box for rabbits HUTCH
Bridge unit TRICK
Calendar span YEAR
Calyx component SEPAL
Cargo carrier SEMI
Chris Hemsworth role THOR
Completely exhausted BEAT
Computer game set in a deserted world MYST
Concluding passages CODAS
Confine COOPUP
Conspire SCHEME
Corsetiere’s creation BRA
Court WOO
Credit, slangily PROPS
Curator’s concern ART
Dancer’s wear TUTU
De Ravin of “Lost” EMILIE
Delicious discard CORE
Dermatology topic PORES
Diana of “I Married a Woman” DORS
Dog holder BUN
Drake deliveries RAPS
Easily duped fellow with wide shoulders? BROADCHUMP
Elegant bearing POISE
Exciting, as a party LIT
Farm fowl HEN
Fashion house known for its paisley patterns ETRO
Fat units GRAMS
Fire AXE
First child CAIN
First name in the Solidarity movement LECH
Flag features STARS
Flame bearers WICKS
Flexible PLIANT
Founder’s successor, at times SON
Frenetically active MANIC
Gator’s cousin CROC
Goading remark TAUNT
Green member of a colorful quartet? LIMECELLO
Group of players CAST
Hasty flight LAM
Hot spots SAUNAS
How some come home SAFELY
In any way ATALL
Incautious RASH
Incline LEAN
Ingold of the Las Vegas Raiders ALEC
It might lead to a lump in your throat OATMEAL
It’s 1 on the Mohs scale TALC
Jazz combo staple SAX
Leave EXIT
Like a spiny dogfish’s spines DORSAL
Clues Answers
Longtime Pittsburgh Pirates sponsor SUNOCO
Mark Twain Prize focus HUMOR
Mathematical ratio SINE
Medusa’s slayer PERSEUS
Miniature WEE
Mongolian word for “ocean” DALAI
Mosque figures IMAMS
Mouthful for a sideshow performer? GLASSCHAW
Muscle quality TONE
Neck jewelry that’s very functional? PRACTICALCHOKER
Nervous stress AGITA
Not right AMISS
Ointment amounts DABS
Once in a blue moon SELDOM
One disaster leading to another and then another? CALAMITYCHAIN
Ordeal TRIAL
Ottoman governor BEY
Outfit RIG
Paper pack REAM
Paris divider SEINE
Participants in a certain college ELECTORS
Particular philosophy ISM
Pastel hue LILAC
Pay to play ANTE
Person who makes up stories? ARCHITECT
Pester NAG
Place for un pique-nique PARC
Play-reviewing aid SLOMO
Potpourri bit PETAL
Prepare to play TUNE
Programming construct LOOP
Pungent herb BASIL
Really big drink? GALLONCHUG
Resort town in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains TAOS
Result of leaving the batch in the oven too long? COOKIECHAR
Revolutionary, in a way ORBITAL
Salt container? SHIP
Secret stuff ARCANA
Short solo ARIETTA
Short-term job GIG
Smoking, e.g CURING
Sock pattern ARGYLE
Some tablet fillers IPADAPPS
Sound from a colonel’s canary? MILITARYCHEEP
Spot for a tot CRIB
Suburban shuttler SOCCERMOM
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Tentative taste SIP
Tom’s counterpart SHECAT
Trifecta, e.g BET
Ukr. or Est., before 1991 SSR
Univ. drillers ROTC
Virologist Jonas SALK
Voluntary players ORGANS
Warning sound KLAXON
Web-footed birds SWANS
Web-footed birds GEESE
Wedge placed in a car’s dampening devices? SHOCKCHOCK
Where some learn how to shoot FILMSCHOOL
Wind chime sound TINKLE
Winter Olympics host between Grenoble and Innsbruck SAPPORO
Woodcutter of story ALIBABA
Words of encouragement GOGIRL
Work unit ERG
Wrap up END
X, sometimes CHI
Yale rooter ELI
Zesty flavor TANG