USA Today - Mar 11 2021

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Clues Answers
'1, 2 Step' singer CIARA
'I'm all ___!' EARS
'Lupin' star Sy OMAR
'The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open' co-director ___-Maija Tailfeathers ELLE
Actor's video REEL
Author Rice ANNE
Basic top TSHIRT
Be behind on bills, say OWE
Biblical boater NOAH
Bit of folklore TALE
Christmas song word NOEL
Clothing item that may be used as a puppet SOCK
Coffeehouse CAFE
Corp. head CEO
Counterpart of to FRO
Creepy EERIE
Deceptive act CHARADE
Didn't assume ASKED
Duplicator in an office COPYMACHINE
Edible piece of a pomegranate SEED
Emily Dickinson's hometown AMHERST
Environment where beliefs go unchallenged ECHOCHAMBER
Feature of Captain Hook's ship PLANK
First Greek letter ALPHA
Four Corners state UTAH
From scratch ANEW
Golf course numbers PARS
Graffiti creator, e.g ARTIST
H.S. exam PSAT
Hard-to-split wood ELM
Haunted house emotion FEAR
Helper (Abbr.) ASST
Hurtful remark BARB
In the know AWARE
Italian sparkling wine ASTI
Key ___, Florida LARGO
Kilt pattern PLAID
Landscape that's part of a house spelled backward MOOR
Laughing carnivore HYENA
Clues Answers
Leisurely walk STROLL
Like baked potatoes with sour cream and bacon LOADED
Made an effort TRIED
Modify AMEND
Molecular building blocks ATOMS
Move closer to APPROACH
Musical word hidden in 'mariachi' ARIA
Name hidden in 'kale chips' ALEC
NFL team with a horse mascot COLTS
Numbered musical work OPUS
Ominous note from the boss SEEME
Outcomes of brand loyalty REPEATPURCHASES
Part of a wizard costume CLOAK
Phone number part AREACODE
Plenty ALOT
Pods that might be pickled OKRA
Poet Gerrey ALTA
Rabbit relatives HARES
Ready for picking RIPE
Recycling bin items CANS
Response to a funny meme LOL
Risk getting bleeped SWEAR
Ruby and others REDS
Ruby, for example GEM
Sever CUT
Shallot relatives LEEKS
Singer-songwriter DiFranco ANI
Six-point football plays (Abbr.) TDS
Skating surface ICE
Small amount TAD
Suggestion, for short REC
Taxi CAB
Therefore HENCE
Think tank output IDEA
Totem ___ (Indigenous carvings) POLES
WNBA officials REFS
Word after 'false' or 'fallen' IDOL
___ salad CAESAR
___ tricks PARLOR