- Jan 29 2021

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Clues Answers
''Aha!'' ISEE
''Coal Miner's Daughter'' subject LYNN
''Enough!'' COOLIT
''Festive'' apple variety GALA
''Frozen'' queen ELSA
''Get lost!'' SCAT
''How marvelous!'' THISISWONDERFUL
A/C capacity BTUS
Album excerpt TRACK
Alphabetical quintet AEIOU
Automaker Olds RANSOM
Bit of many brownies WALNUT
Canvas support EASEL
Certain Ivy Leaguer ELI
Complies with MEETS
Cookbook instruction SEASONWITHSALT
Cottony stick SWAB
Court defense ALIBI
Cupid's device BOW
DC-based alliance OAS
Deceive LIETO
Driving hazard GLARE
Drop off SLEEP
Either Apple founder STEVE
Espresso order LATTE
Florentine river ARNO
Frequent Scriptural follower of ''said'' UNTO
German article EINE
Gets back to, as requested RSVPS
Gibraltar beast APE
Gut feeling ACHE
Hammer gripper CLAW
High hair AFRO
Holy person SAINT
How to get your party going? RENTABUS
Inspect VIEW
Instances EXAMPLES
Clues Answers
Invitation directive BYOB
It won't hold water SIEVE
Kabul's land: Abbr AFG
Labor Dept. arm OSHA
Lathered up SOAPY
Linen source FLAX
Loud lament WAIL
Louisville's river OHIO
Many animal toons CATS
Miscalculates ERRS
More than is justified UNDUE
Mother-of-pearl NACRE
Night spots of a sort BANDBS
Off the mark AMISS
Place for anchoring PORT
Polynesian people MAORI
Portuguese 34 Down SAO
Q neighbor TABKEY
Quadrennial football event WOMENSWORLDCUP
Rod Laver rival ASHE
Seeks damages SUES
Selling point PLUS
Shelter made of 54 Down IGLOO
Simple-living group AMISH
Sound of contentment PURR
State south of Arizona SONORA
Sum, in a phrase TOTO
Surfing essential WAVES
Symbol of a 34 Down HALO
Useful skills ASSETS
What this is in Madrid ESTO
What's ''falling'' (in mixed order) within the three longest answers SNOW
Wickedness VICE
Willowy quality SLIMNESS
Worst of a deal SHORTEND