The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27887

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Clues Answers
Bring back Danish bread after nap RESTORE
Butcher's place to go? Try lifting last of pork look-see
Complaint the German’s missing problem with train AILMENT
Delivered grass for planting round fields RELEASED
English hairstyle I'd adopted is what protects us? EPIDERMIS
Fancy woman sacrificing main artery to put weight on! STRESS
Filling dish, not one intended for rabbits main course
Game individual tucks into out-of-date crackers old maid
Integrate lines mistakenly where colon is found large intestine
It's played first of all in dance at a milk bar regularly BALALAIKA
Lanky drunk crossing hotel? That’s unlikely long shot
Leader of orchestra regularly broke wind OBOE
Leaf initially changing daily, covering top of pond? lily pad
Like controversial verses as written about a function SATANIC
Clues Answers
Marshal stealing Doc Holliday's second adornment EARDROP
Martyr succeeded after that, retaining record STEPHEN
Medical speciality doubled European understanding ENTENTE
NHS says a policy interfered with a shrink's work PSYCHOANALYSIS
Novelist left under blankets BELLOW
Put on pressure dealing with nurse PRETEND
Recoiling, cover heroine's spot DILEMMA
River shown in diagrams disrupted carnival mardi gras
Saturated Republican put away bottles DROWNED
Sell iodine compound that keeps bats in good nick linseed oil
Spoil piece about old Billy's mate nanny goat
Star making a return appearance in Wigmore Hall HERO
Surgery has problem restraining very big animal OPOSSUM
You might pick bird up in this headlight? AUREOLE