- Jan 27 2021

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Clues Answers
''For __ a jolly good . . .'' HES
''Give __ break!'' MEA
''Opposed to'' prefix ANTI
100% ALL
ABA member ATT
Abbr. on a sunscreen bottle SPF
Abel's dad ADAM
Activated, as an alarm ARMED
Apiece EACH
Art on a pedestal STATUE
Aside to an audience STAGEWHISPER
Awards for mystery writing EDGARS
Bird-feeder food SUET
Brew from a kettle TEA
Brief moment, for short SEC
British tavern PUB
Chatter at the office WATERCOOLERTALK
Choral performances SONGS
City with the Taj Mahal AGRA
Complete collection SET
Crumbly, as puff pastry FLAKY
Danson of TV TED
Dessert with a crust PIE
Doughnut maker's appliance FRYER
Easily molded PLIANT
Electrified fish EEL
Element in table salt SODIUM
Encountered MET
Enticement LURE
Eyebrow shape ARC
Fanciful UNREAL
Fluffy brunch creation OMELET
Fort full of gold KNOX
Gold purity measures: Abbr KTS
Guy, familiarly FELLA
Humpty Dumpty, for one EGG
Ingest EAT
Investigated, with ''out'' SCOPED
King: Sp REY
Clues Answers
L.A. winter clock setting PST
Lake near Niagara Falls ERIE
Legendary fable teller AESOP
Luau instrument UKE
Map-filled tome ATLAS
Melonlike tropical fruit PAPAYA
Nary a __ (no one) SOUL
Needing to be paid DUE
Nightclub performance ACT
Orderly and neat TIDY
Org. with expert putters PGA
Overflowing (with) AWASH
Paper clip alternative STAPLE
Part of CPU or BTU UNIT
Place to sleep BED
Play merrily FROLIC
Power from sun panels SOLARENERGY
Professor Einstein ALBERT
Protein in wheat GLUTEN
Quaint place to stay INN
Recyclable two-liter containers SODABOTTLES
Religious offshoot SECT
San __ (southern California city) DIEGO
Sarge's superior LOOIE
Scuba tank contents OXYGEN
Small streams CREEKS
Solo of ''Star Wars'' HAN
Start to unfreeze THAW
Stash cash for a purchase SAVEUP
Strong drain cleaner LYE
Stuck together, as model airplane parts GLUED
Suffix for billion AIRE
Swerve suddenly VEER
Target of an annual vaccine FLU
Therapeutic outburst PRIMALSCREAM
Top of the head PATE
Troop-entertaining grp USO
Tugged on PULLED
Young boy LAD