The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,581 - Jan 26 2021

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Clues Answers
Army helicopter quickly circles hospital APACHE
Being happy to lose companion is a strange feeling EERINESS
Bond with colleagues as a group? SECRETSERVICE
Check at the back for definite sign of life REPULSE
Emergencies arising from constant responses to provocation CRISES
Fake items of protective clothing -- no case to be made MOCK
Flustered umpire eagerly detailed final part of schedule for sporting contest PREMIERLEAGUE
It's highly likely cheetahs can race heartlessly about THECHANCESARE
Like computers etc the French backed online maybe DIGITAL
Nuts nearly all mixed with a bit of dried fruit SULTANA
Occasionally thin, dry spruce TIDY
Old writers start to establish identical way of overcoming one literary barrier? OPENSESAME
Opportunities to embrace politics up front and do some canvassing DOORSTEP
Repeated reel oddly included in content for early copy of film? PRERELEASE
Clues Answers
Right away, a step in the wrong direction ASAP
Row involving rider and tense racecourse regular TIPSTER
Say how, for example, snake gets angry ASPIRATE
Secret greeting before daughter is taken into private room HIDDEN
Short rib -- preserved on the outside -- prepared with spicy sauce CURRIED
Singer's material lacking an intro is rejected SINATRA
Smart bird, very good, kept inside cage in error, unfortunately CARRIERPIGEON
Snail understood to be found alongside steep slope, mostly ESCARGOT
Soldier possibly eats fruit for nourishment ALIMENT
Sporty student blasted on the radio BLUE
Sudden surge of current essentially ruining riverside plant INRUSH
Teamsters worked to secure a certain discount MATESRATES
This can end in disarray and cause disappointment Disenchant
Top, non-European technology linked to advanced verification program CAPTCHA