Universal - Oct 9 2001

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Clues Answers
'60s muscle car GTO
Bashful companion? DOPEY
Be a class clown AMUSE
Beaver's father WARD
Become wearisome PALL
Big-league pitcher Aaron SELE
Bordeaux wine MEDOC
Bulletin-board posting, perhaps MEMO
Bump hard JAR
Buyer be where? STORE
City southeast of Turin ASTI
Courage HEART
Demosthenes, for one ORATOR
Digs in the snow? IGLOO
Emulate a banshee WAIL
Formula Westerns OATERS
Gradually, for baby? ONESTEPATATIME
Graduation cap part TASSEL
Grounded bird EMU
Guitar forerunner LUTE
Gumption SENSE
Hardly taciturn CHATTY
He marched with Martin JESSE
Held responsible LIABLE
In a heads-up manner ALERTLY
Interpellate ASK
Jeff's partner MUTT
Kett of old comics ETTA
Languish PINE
Laugh-a-minute RIOT
Legal tactic APPEAL
Like a blue moon RARE
Like-not link ITOR
Lowest in importance LEAST
Miserable dwelling HOVEL
More than mere intuition ESP
Mountain lion PUMA
Muse count NINE
Oater actor Jack ELAM
Clues Answers
Old-time anesthetic ETHER
One of the Oceanides, in Greek myth ASIA
One way to build FROMTHEGROUNDUP
One's partner? ONLY
Opposite of ''yippee!'' RATS
Out of order AMISS
Phone-dial trio MNO
Pipe bend ELL
Plant's principal feeder TAPROOT
Precambrian et al. ERAS
Present as an act of worship OFFER
Reset setting, perhaps OOO
Rhea's Roman counterpart OPS
Rocky pinnacle TOR
Rolls out the red carpet for FETES
Ron, baseball's ''Penguin'' CEY
Runner Bannister ROGER
Science fiction site MARS
Scintilla IOTA
Scoots DARTS
Shelley's first name PERCY
Show's partner TELL
Sign of things to come OMEN
Slowly but surely LITTLEBYLITTLE
Sound beginning? ULTRA
Tamperer hamperer SEAL
The year one thousand in Rome? That's crazy MAD
Truckloads ALOT
Type of ticket LOTTO
Unbleached muslin shade ECRU
Uncaged LOOSE
Use a prie-dieu KNEEL
Vietnam annexation? ESE
Warm, so to speak CLOSE
What conquers omnia AMOR
Whatsoever ATALL
White alternative RYE
Word with happy or eleventh HOUR
Zero-shaped OVAL