Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jan 26 2021

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Clues Answers
Backs driving aid coming from port in Belgium by car BEETLE
Clarifying statements by old lover and pal travelling in Europe, for instance EXPLANATIONS
Confirm strange taste is close to repugnant ATTEST
Count's last to explode TOTALS
Dismiss those starting in the building game LETGO
Evangelist gets rid of evil business managers AGENTS
Exaggerates what the player does after Romeo loses the head OVERACTS
Has a lot of knowledge of where you'd expect to find 21 across on train going to Dublin WELLEDUCATED
In retrospect, research site divides Frenchmen initially eager to use preservatives EMBALM
Is overcome with adoration for small court in front of school SWOONS
It appeals to a couple of beloved runners getting away for the match ELOPEMENT
It's heart-warming without harming what divides the Irish and the English WATER
Let off for first murder? It's an eye-opener begging your pardon! EXCUSEME
Lifts the lid on what's preserved in vehicle containing number for writer from Spain CANOPENER
Clues Answers
Mystery of wild game found around Ulster ENIGMA
One expected to turn back the tide by serving up fish caught in the community CANUTE
One taking drugs from celebrity with online identity USERNAME
Outlaw and top dog takes head off big showy flower - the one that's used to cover the head BANDANNA
Perhaps still, it's a healthy drink found in spring MINERALWATER
Praise former leads on The Onedin Line EXTOL
Prop from America joins Munster as reserve SETASIDE
Right, of course, about head of bioterrorism getting to study what's produced by those with specific dough RYEBREADS
Rival of old father figure from good books OPPONENT
Runs the school in Schull it's said for the other woman HEADMISTRESS
Son of a promoter opens musical with diva from never-ending story of real-life events SOAPOPERA
Time to retire after foul broadcast of social that appeals to one joining a two-party system? HENNIGHT
Veteran travelled around north, like one returning from the dead REVENANT
Writer consumes the last of the Parmesan on top of egg pasta PENNE