- Jan 25 2021

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Clues Answers
''Barbed'' fence topper WIRE
''King'' venomous snakes COBRAS
''__ we there yet?'' ARE
11- and 12-year-olds TWEENS
A Great Lake ERIE
Actor Alda ALAN
Air quality agency: Abbr EPA
Appear to be SEEM
Armed conflict WAR
Author Ralph __ Emerson WALDO
Be untruthful LIE
Beginning phase ONSET
Belgrade resident SERB
Beltmaker's hole puncher AWL
Big Apple baseballers METS
Big Apple home of the Globetrotters HARLEM
Black-and-white cookie brand OREO
Commotions ADOS
Curved part of the foot ARCH
Customer for a phone app USER
DVD player's ''take out'' button EJECT
Enclosures for canaries CAGES
Enough space ROOM
Entice LURE
Eve's spouse ADAM
Feels the same way AGREES
Female parents, informally MAMAS
Fiber-rich cereal ingredient BRAN
Figures out, informally GETS
Formal party GALA
Former SeaWorld whale SHAMU
Fuses metal WELDS
German carmaker AUDI
Grasps in one's hand HOLDS
Group principle TENET
Has muscle soreness ACHES
High-tech phone, for short CELL
Hydrogen or helium GAS
Clues Answers
Jump like a kangaroo LEAP
Lips' locales MOUTHS
Long, long time EON
Make very happy ELATE
Makeup smudge SMEAR
Manufactured MADE
Mental picture IMAGE
Minor argument SPAT
Mistake ERROR
Money in Italy and France EURO
Mother's sisters AUNTS
Mountain lion PUMA
Museum tour leader GUIDE
Officially prohibit BAN
Overcharge greatly GOUGE
Performer balancing on a thin cable TIGHTROPEWALKER
Performer propelled at high speed HUMANCANNONBALL
Performer tossing power tools CHAINSAWJUGGLER
River-spanning structure BRIDGE
Running __ (out of control) AMOK
Seasons, as French fries SALTS
Ship carrying petroleum OILER
Sound from a cat MEOW
Sushi-topping fish eggs ROE
Swelled head EGO
Threesome of performers TRIO
Two-door sporty auto COUPE
Unconfirmed report RUMOR
Urban air pollution SMOG
Victories WINS
Wear away, as soil ERODE
Weight-reducing plan DIET
What ''There's no place like'' HOME
Wide belt SASH
Workers extracting ore MINERS
Wrote ''January 25th'' on DATED
__ browns (breakfast fare) HASH
__ Star State (Texas) LONE