L.A. Times Daily - Jan 24 2021

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Clues Answers
"And if I don't?" ORWHAT
"Chicago" actress Zellweger RENEE
"Hmm ... doubt it" UHNO
"Nineteen Eighty-Four" foe of Winston and Julia OBRIEN
"The Four Seasons" solo instrument VIOLIN
"The Mod Squad" role LINC
"Thrown" criticism SHADE
"Tubular!" RAD
"What concerns me is ... " IFEAR
'30s-'40s period WWIIERA
Alberta speed meas KPH
Angel dust, initially PCP
Angler's basket CREEL
Attorney's letters ESQ
Baffled STUCK
Ball of yarn, perhaps CATTOY
Bars on necks FRETS
Biopic about Charles RAY
Bit of a "Beavis and Butt-Head" chuckle HEH
Bolt on the track USAIN
Boston cream pie component SPONGECAKE
Breakfast area ALCOVE
Broadband predecessor DIALUP
Building extension ELL
Burning AFIRE
Calendar pgs MOS
Capital NE of Buffalo OTTAWA
Casual "Same here" IFEELYA
Champs-Élysées feature CAFE
Chocolatier's array MOLDS
Clickable image ICON
Co. bigwig CEO
Coagulates CLOTS
Court WOO
Crab in space NEBULA
Crossed (out) EXED
Dance studio fixture BARRE
Dealt with SAWTO
Dennis, e.g MENACE
Earth SOIL
Emmy-winning "Lou Grant" actress Linda KELSEY
Eye lustfully LEERAT
Eyelashes CILIA
Far from charming unlikable
Feedbag morsel OAT
Ford failure EDSEL
French crown? TETE
Frozen snack ICEPOP
Grauman of Chinese Theatre fame SID
Grouchy moods SULKS
Hamilton, to Burr ENEMY
Hard pencils to sharpen STUBS
He played James in the four films before Daniel PIERCE
Help badly? ABET
Hidden stockpile STASH
Homer's TV neighbor NED
Hummus go-with PITA
Humor columnist Barry DAVE
Inc. cousin LLC
Indian wrap SARI
Ingenuous NAIVE
Instagram, e.g APP
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, __ Bouvier NEE
Key used in combinations CTRL
Kitchenware brand OXO
Last year's frosh SOPHS
Light bulb generator? IDEA
Like vision dimmed from fatigue BLEARY
Litter, say POLLUTE
Lucrative, contractually FAT
Clues Answers
Lyrical ODIC
Made one's case PLEADED
Man, for example ISLE
Many an op-ed piece ESSAY
Mario Bros. console NES
Mexican month ENERO
Mötley __ CRUE
Muscle Beach display PECS
Nabisco offering OREO
Narrow inlet RIA
NBA part: Abbr ASSOC
New England nickname OCEANSTATE
Non-acidic vitamin brand ESTERC
Not rented UNLET
One placed near a gutter TENPIN
Online outburst LOL
Outback runners EMUS
Over the moon, so to speak PLEASED
Painting, e.g FINEART
Pan Am rival TWA
Pay for TREAT
Prepares to fire AIMS
Proceeds smoothly FLOWS
Progresses with ease COASTS
Promising Hold 'em holding TOPPAIR
Providing amplification for, as a speaker MIKING
Quadrennial victory determinant ELECTORALVOTE
Ragú rival PREGO
Ranch extension? ERO
Rowling's Hedwig and Lewis' Glimfeather OWLS
Saintly glows AURAE
Satellite imaging product AERIALMAP
Scents ODORS
Sci-fi creatures who arranged each set of circled letters? SHAPESHIFTERS
Seashore souvenir SHELL
Second chances REDOS
Short-tempered TESTY
Shorthand pro STENO
Show disdain for SNORTAT
Slightly drunk TIPSY
Small salamander NEWT
Smart CHIC
Solar panel components PHOTOELECTRICCELLS
Source of narrowly focused thinking SINGLETRACKMIND
Start of a view ITHINK
Surfer's destination? URL
Surrendered CEDED
Sushi go-with SAKE
The Arno runs through it PISA
The Red Baron, to Snoopy FOE
Tinkered with like a tailor ALTERED
Tokyo, long ago EDO
Total SUM
Trawler's tool NET
Troubles AILS
Up for __ GRABS
Virgil's optimistic sentiment LOVECONQUERSALL
Votes for YESES
Ways to lose DIETS
Website with film profiles IMDB
Welcoming sign OPEN
What pewter is, mostly TIN
White and black pawns, e.g OCTADS
Without a key ATONAL
Wrath IRE
Yellowstone sight BISON
Yolk's counterpart ALBUMEN
__ firma TERRA