Wall Street Journal - Jan 23 2021 - Wardrobe Changes

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Clues Answers
“...but I might be wrong” ORNOT
“Call Me by Your Name” star Armie sings his heart out? HAMMERBELTS
“Cemetery Road” writer Greg ILES
“Gangnam Style” rapper PSY
“Give My Regards to Broadway” songwriter COHAN
“It Takes Two,” aptly DUET
“Mr. Deeds Goes to Town” director Frank CAPRA
“Nightwood” author Djuna BARNES
“Patriot Games” director Noyce PHILLIP
“Star Wars” battle craft with a reduplicative name ATAT
“The Burgomaster of Delft and His Daughter” painter STEEN
“The poet in my heart,” in a Fleetwood Mac song SARA
“Who’s there?” answer, perhaps ITSUS
1980 Anne Murray song LUCKYME
1999 Heisman winner Ron DAYNE
Abbr. on cornerstones ESTD
Alley-oop catching site MIDAIR
Bar request ONEMORE
Becomes foggy, as glasses CLOUDSUP
Bed board SLAT
Bellhop’s burdens BAGS
Big Brother’s nation, in “1984” OCEANIA
Bohemian wardrobe-enhancing events, and a hint to this puzzle’s theme CLOTHINGSWAPS
British dependency gives the lowdown on vanishing ships? BERMUDABRIEFS
Bygone Swedish car company SAAB
Carbon-14, e.g ISOTOPE
Champaign athletes, casually ILLINI
Clementine’s cousin ORANGE
Clubber Lang’s portrayer in “Rocky III” MRT
Company started in an Austin dorm room DELL
Cottage resident, perhaps SEASIDER
Cover loosely DRAPE
Curry on the court STEPH
Delegates ASSIGNS
Development site WOMB
Dial in a bathroom SOAP
Dines after dark SUPS
Dir. from Iowa City to St. Louis SSE
Disturbs ROILS
Ego Nwodim’s show, initially SNL
Electronic repository DATABANK
Emulates raptors PREYS
Energize ANIMATE
Evil opponent GOOD
Farmer Hoggett’s prize pig BABE
Fires off an email HITSSEND
Flies high SOARS
Fluffy pup packs a punch? POODLESOCKS
Formerly NEE
Golden Rule preposition UNTO
Google’s smart-home brand NEST
Graf ___ (German battleship) SPEE
Gullible sort SAP
Heavyweight tiptoes around the edge of the ring? BOXERSKIRTS
In the past ONCE
Incredulous response WHAT
Initials seen at many marijuana dispensaries CBD
Invite to enter ASKIN
Iraq’s main port BASRA
Irredeemable rogue BADSEED
Japanese massage style SHIATSU
Keeps in the loop, in a way CCS
Lamp lighter KEROSENE
Laura of “Marriage Story” DERN
Leaps for Mirai Nagasu AXELS
Les parents give it to l’enfant NOM
London’s ___ Gardens KEW
Clues Answers
Lunch announcement SOUPSON
Many a singer on “Kidz Bop” TEEN
Meat market DELI
Messes (with) GETSCUTE
Most welcoming NICEST
New York congresswoman Lowey NITA
Nirvana’s final studio album INUTERO
No longer done PASSE
NYSE overseer SEC
Offer BID
Officiated UMPED
Officiates REFS
Org. focused on cleaning up others’ acts EPA
Overtake in a flash SPEEDBY
Pal of Pythias DAMON
Palindromic flour used in naan ATTA
Paper plane type GLIDER
Partner of rules, informally REGS
Paying particular attention to NOTING
People with summer birthdays LEOS
Person with a spring birthday ARIES
Pilot, e.g SUV
Presidential perk VETOPOWER
Pricey properties ESTATES
Pub perches STOOLS
Reasonable SANE
Result of pulling the goalie OPENNET
Rowers finish at exactly the same time? CREWTIES
Russian car company LADA
Said “Mine!” say HADDIBS
Salts TARS
Satiric prize for scientific research IGNOBEL
Sault ___ Marie STE
Sean’s “Game of Thrones” role NED
Silent star Clara gasps for breath? BOWPANTS
Singer Eddie blows a fuse? MONEYSHORTS
Sitcom planet ORK
Slipped away ELAPSED
Some luxury suits CHANELS
South American schlepper BURRO
Spine-tingling EERIE
Steel component IRON
Stew bit PEA
Stop carrying DROP
Suffice CUTIT
Superior sort SNOB
Taiwanese PC brand ACER
Take to court SUE
Take two steps back REGRESS
Target of SETI searches ALIENLIFE
Tear source DUCT
They may be promoted PAWNS
To be, in Bolivia SER
Totally win over ENAMOR
Train hopper HOBO
Trans Am roof option TTOP
Transcript no GPA
Tried to win VIEDFOR
Triple Crown site between Churchill Downs and Belmont PIMLICO
Virtual people in a popular game franchise SIMS
Web portal with a butterfly logo MSN
Wholly ALL
Window-rattling LOUD
Wing: Prefix PTERO
Won back the favor of MADEUPTO
Words before tear or dare ONA
YouTube annoyances ADS
___ acid AMINO
___ Dame NOTRE