Universal - Jan 21 2021

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Clues Answers
"Big Brother" network CBS
"Nice job!" VERYGOOD
5, for 125 CUBEROOT
Actress Messing of "Will & Grace" DEBRA
Adobe abode, perhaps CASA
Air spray targets ODORS
Alan of "Bridge of Spies" ALDA
Amt. based on 100 PCT
Band with a museum in Stockholm ABBA
Bar bill TAB
Barry with the hit song "Mandy" MANILOW
Bits of butter PATS
Brainy SMART
Chowder chunk CLAM
Composer Bartok BELA
Computer in "2001: A Space Odyssey" HAL
Current craze RAGE
Curve ARC
Declined SLID
Deserter's acronym AWOL
Device downloads APPS
Election participant VOTER
Embodiment of perfection IDEAL
Entered a poker game ANTED
Fed. food and farming agency USDA
Flat-topped hills of the Southwest MESAS
Fragrant purple shrub LILAC
Gas station name CITGO
Gobs and gobs ALOT
Greatest Hits song, often OLDIE
Greek author of the "Republic" PLATO
Guards keeping watch SENTINELS
Half a kissing couple? LIP
Hardy's Miss Durbeyfield TESS
Harvard Univ. neighbor MIT
Hollywood's "Norma ___" RAE
Hotel room essential BED
In an unfriendly manner ICILY
Clues Answers
International agreement ACCORD
Iraqi port BASRA
Joins forces UNITES
Kind of acid used as an antiseptic BORIC
Marriage partners SPOUSES
Martial art with throws JUDO
Note from the boss MEMO
Numbskull ASS
Pet owner, for one CARETAKER
Possibilities PROSPECTS
Put forth, as effort EXERT
Risks money at the track BETS
Sagacity WISDOM
Sault ___ Marie, Michigan STE
School commencement? ESS
See 38-Across OTT
Seine substance EAU
Social elites on the go JETSET
Speak vaguely MINCEWORDS
Speechless performer MIME
Sporty '90s Toyota PASEO
Stereotypical mathlete NERD
Sushi-eating implements CHOPSTICKS
Tablet for surfers IPAD
Tai ___ CHI
Take into the family, as a shelter dog ADOPT
Texas home of Baylor University WACO
Texted image with an attitude EMOJI
They connect to off-ramps EXITLANES
Title boxer of a 2001 biopic ALI
Troubles WOES
Twitter symbol HASHTAG
Twosome DUO
Unskilled INEPT
Wharton who wrote "Ethan Frome" EDITH
With 20-Across, first National Leaguer to hit 500 home runs MEL
Yahtzee, e.g DICEGAME
___ California (Mexican state) BAJA
___ jiffy INA