USA Today - Mar 5 2021

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Clues Answers
'Are we doing this?' ISITAGO
'Cool, later!' OKBYE
'Don't care anymore' IMOVERIT
'Don't ___ think about it!' EVEN
'Maybe some ___ time' OTHER
'My opinion is . . .' IDSAY
'My ___ are sealed!' LIPS
'Speak of the ___!' DEVIL
'What did I tell you?' SEE
Archaeologist's assignment DIG
Area where someone lives NECKOFTHEWOODS
Both old and cool RETRO
British bathroom LOO
Caffe ___ (Italian for 'black coffee') NERO
Campfire residue ASH
Celebratory cheer YAY
Cold, slippery quality ICINESS
Color similar to cyan TEAL
Comeback RETORT
Comedian Byer NICOLE
Competitive advantages HEADSTARTS
Decay ROT
Defining feature of a phobia FEAR
Dispenser candy PEZ
Dolphin's home SEA
Dressed CLAD
Evildoer's den LAIR
Family nickname SIS
Faucet problem DRIP
Five-digit number on an envelope ZIP
Flies off the shelves SELLS
Getting 100% on ACING
Groan-inducing joke, maybe PUN
Halsey collaborators on 'Boy With Luv' BTS
Hospital areas, for short ORS
Hospital workers, for short RNS
Instruments in temples GONGS
Kanza Language Project nation KAW
Clues Answers
Like a radio edit CLEAN
List-ending Latin abbreviation ETAL
Long sandwich SUB
Make quieter MUFFLE
Makes a misstep ERRS
Movement with many celebrated figures BODYPOSITIVITY
Name that's also a breed of cattle ANGUS
No. 1 song, e.g HIT
Nobel winner Joliot-Curie IRENE
October birthstone OPAL
One-named 'Dirty Laundry' singer MALIA
Onion relative LEEK
Part of a workout set REP
Place to experiment LAB
Polite address SIR
Pop band formed by Alana, Danielle and Este HAIM
Producer/actress Viola DAVIS
Renewable energy option SOLAR
Reproductive organ OVARY
River mouth formations DELTAS
Rollaway bed COT
Scolding syllable TSK
Shoe designer Jimmy CHOO
Shoestrings LACES
Siren song, e.g LURE
Some bonsai trees ELMS
Some desktop computers PCS
Spanish 'but' PERO
Structure for bees HIVE
Thailand's continent ASIA
The 'A' in UAE ARAB
Thieve STEAL
To no ___ (in vain) AVAIL
Translation of 'soy' or 'estoy' IAM
UConn women's basketball, e.g POWERHOUSE
Unexpected disruptions WRINKLES
Vietnamese soup PHO
Well-ventilated AIRY
Wooden strip SLAT