USA Today - Mar 3 2021

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Clues Answers
'The Boys' actress Moriarty ERIN
'The Country Girls' author O'Brien EDNA
'To clarify . . .' IMEAN
'Well, gosh!' OHGEE
'You Can't Stop the ___' ('Hairspray' finale) BEAT
'___ Boy Is Mine' THE
A persimmon grows on one TREE
Acorn sources OAKS
Aves. and blvds STS
Award for a military pilot AIRMEDAL
Backside REAR
Batter's stat RBI
Biergarten mugs STEINS
Bird on the Australian coat of arms EMU
Budae-jjigae, e.g STEW
College sports channel ESPNU
Color similar to almond TAN
Connection BOND
Cortisone, e.g STEROID
Currency of America (Abbr.) USD
Diet whose name means 'ancient' PALEO
Exec's helper (Abbr.) ASST
Eyelash coloring TINT
Feasts with roast pigs LUAUS
Fetch GET
First Lady of ___ Lanka SRI
Football field marking YARDLINE
Garlic ___ NAAN
Gefilte fish option CARP
Greek sandwich GYRO
Hair fastener CLIP
Highway warning NOENTRY
Hour after midnight ONE
Ingredient in a deep fryer but not an air fryer OIL
Jane's rhyming surname on 'Daria' LANE
Lessen in intensity WANE
Little kid TOT
Male deer STAG
Clues Answers
Mall regular's motto SHOPTILLYOUDROP
Mass confusion CHAOS
Medical plan grp HMO
Mouse relative RAT
Name hidden in 'white lie' ELI
Name that's a palindrome OTTO
Nevada city on the Truckee River RENO
Not clueless AWARE
One of two in most musicals ACT
Org. sponsoring after-school events PTA
Pale purple MAUVE
Party often hosted by a maid of honor BRIDALSHOWER
Person reading a life line, say SEER
Plant used for natural fencing REED
Popular DVRs TIVOS
Prefix for 'biography' AUTO
Pricing figures RATES
Rains heavily POURS
Ran out of juice DIED
Room where safety goggles are worn LAB
Sailing vessel YACHT
Scratch-off ticket game LOTTO
Scratchy voice RASP
Sings in the Alps YODELS
Skillful ADEPT
Sound bounce ECHO
Swarming insects GNATS
Tall airport structure RADARTOWER
Tear apart REND
Tennis champ Rafael NADAL
Tweak EDIT
Unhelpful response to 'Who's there?' ITSME
Weak-___ (faint) KNEED
Whole bunch SLEW
Wish-granting spirit GENIE
Wood stove residue ASH
___ dip (sandwich-inspired appetizer) BLT
___ up (hid out) HOLED