- Jan 20 2021

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Clues Answers
''Great'' Australian coral attraction BARRIERREEF
18 holes of golf ROUND
Attractions in Athens RUINS
Be worried about FEAR
Bearded barnyard beast GOAT
Brainstorm IDEA
Breakfast syrup flavor MAPLE
Breaking-off sound SNAP
Bursts. as balloons POPS
Campfire remnants EMBERS
Cause of ruin BANE
Charge for a cab ride FARE
Coffee order DECAF
Confiscate TAKE
Court reporter, for short STENO
Eden resident ADAM
Elapse GOBY
Equestrian sport POLO
Family rooms DENS
Furious MAD
Go to an event ATTEND
Grand-scale story EPIC
How improvisers ''play it'' BYEAR
Iberian nation SPAIN
Italian farewell CIAO
Kelly of morning TV RIPA
Lion or leopard BIGCAT
Looks to be SEEMS
Loosen, as one's laces UNTIE
Middle traffic light AMBER
Miles away AFAR
Model airplane wood BALSA
Modify, as prose EDIT
Nation on the Adriatic CROATIA
Nickname that's three consecutive letters STU
No longer a threat ATBAY
One end of a pin HEAD
One of three in 5 Across ESS
Clues Answers
One-for-one deal TRADE
Part of a group of AMID
Paying for everyone's meal PICKINGUPTHETAB
Perched upon ATOP
Phrase on a chore list TODO
Physicians' org AMA
Produces, as pennies MINTS
Radiators, for example HEATERS
Real estate listings HOMES
Region AREA
Religious offshoot SECT
Remainder REST
Remedy CURE
Remnants ENDS
Run __ (go wild) AMOK
S&L's medium-term offering THREEYEARCD
Sandwich bread RYE
See 6 Down LEE
Shout from Scrooge BAH
Smart one BRAIN
Smart-alecky SASSY
Stand up ARISE
Still asleep INBED
Take heed of NOTE
Taste, as of tea SIP
Thanksgiving veggie YAM
The Red Planet MARS
The thing there THAT
Time for a large crossword SUNDAY
Try out TEST
Tummy muscles ABS
Unexpected obstacle SNAG
Unpleasant, informally ICKY
Up to now YET
Very long time AGES
Very much ALOT
Well short of what's needed NOTNEARLYENOUGH
What stuffs socks FEET
With 59 Down, director from Taiwan ANG