USA Today - Feb 22 2021

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Clues Answers
'C'mon, ___ it out!' SPIT
'Can we go home now?' IMTIRED
'Killing Me Softly With ___ Song' HIS
'Little Woods' director DaCosta NIA
'Men in Black' chief ZED
'Paradise Lost' garden EDEN
'Right on!' AMEN
'There, there' ITSOK
Actress Tyler LIV
Around, datewise CIRCA
Basketball player Marc or Pau GASOL
Bit of trickery RUSE
Bits of rain DROPS
Bonus PERK
Both N's in NY, NY NEW
Call during a curtain call BRAVO
Coat for freezing weather PARKA
Comes down in flakes SNOWS
Concert site ARENA
Constricting snake BOA
Consumed ATE
Counterparts of downs UPS
Dark purple berry ACAI
Deliver a keynote, e.g ORATE
Distinctive vibe AURA
Eastern Woodlands people ODAWA
Enter on a computer KEYIN
Fallback option PLANB
Flatbread variety ROTI
Flatbread variety NAAN
Flatbread variety PITA
Fly under the ___ RADAR
Formula One participant RACER
Friend of Nancy Drew NED
Frozen waffle brand EGGO
Generous slice SLAB
Gibbon or gorilla APE
Go bad ROT
Have an amazingly positive effect WORKWONDERS
Clues Answers
Hughes poem associated with the Harlem Renaissance ITOO
Important person NUMEROUNO
Instrument that uses rolls PLAYERPIANO
Largest dolphin species ORCA
Letters before a heads-up FYI
Like some odds, oxymoronically EVEN
Messes up ERRS
More dangerous RISKIER
Name akin to Matthew MATEO
Not worth the hype OVERRATED
Old tape player VCR
One-sixteenth cup (Abbr.) TBSP
Person taking dictation, for short STENO
Pistachio or pecan NUT
Place for ChapStick LIP
PMS symptom ACNE
Powerful attack in 'Dragon Ball' SPIRITBOMB
Prefix for 'boat' MOTOR
Pulldown muscles, for short LATS
Radiate GLOW
Reassurance after a promise ISWEAR
Share on social media REPOST
Sound from a loud crowd ROAR
Starting scores in gymnastics TENS
Support for some athletes SPORTSBRAS
T.A.'s boss PROF
Tennis champ and activist Osaka NAOMI
The ___ Chablis, aka the Grand Empress of Savannah LADY
Tip of a steeple SPIRE
Veep's boss PREZ
Web address URL
Wi-Fi patron USER
Wooden box CRATE
Yard sale caveat ASIS
___ and proper PRIM
___ at first sight LOVE
___ bass (music technique) SLAP
___ through the motions GOING