Wall Street Journal - Jan 20 2021 - Heart of Darkness

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Clues Answers
“Dancing Queen” band ABBA
“Dark Sky Island” singer ENYA
“Derbyshire March” composer HAYDN
“I wonder...” HMM
“King of Ragtime” Joplin SCOTT
“My thoughts exactly!” AMEN
“O.P.P.” hip-hop group NAUGHTYBYNATURE
“Pay special attention to this” NOTABENE
“Put a tiger in your tank” sloganeer ESSO
“Shame on you!” TSK
“That’s the spot!” AAH
“The Birds” sound effects CAWS
“Well, that was sassy!” MEOW
“___ me?” (“Wha?”) SCUSE
1968 #2 hit for Steppenwolf BORNTOBEWILD
Administered OVERSAW
Alamo competitor AVIS
Analogous AKIN
Bar Harbor’s state MAINE
Before long, poetically ANON
Big buck? STAG
Body extreme TOE
Bonkers NUTSO
Common burrito ingredient RICE
Containers often placed just out of a child’s reach COOKIEJARS
Dedicated lines ODE
Depraved through and through ROTTENTOTHECORE
Earth Day month APRIL
Edible seaweed NORI
Feigned competence or knowledge FAKEDIT
Female in a flock EWE
Following behind INTOW
Frigate or freighter SHIP
Give permission to LET
Goes against DISOBEYS
Golfer Ernie ELS
Grp. whose website says “be a force behind the forces” USO
Clues Answers
Half-___ (request to a barista) CAF
Hankerings URGES
Hardly original BANAL
Hero with a rapier ZORRO
Incorrigibly wicked BADTOTHEBONE
Ingenuous utterance GEE
It might result in a TD or an INT ATT
Jogging gait TROT
Kid’s snow structure FORT
Lab that performs tests of speed and agility? STUNTDOG
Like a lamb OVINE
Malevolent sort FIEND
Material for some bass guitars ASH
Muddy area MIRE
Noodle or melon BEAN
Org. that defends boxers’ rights? PETA
Otherwise ELSE
Poet Pound EZRA
Poisonous substance TOXIN
Pops for tots DADAS
Popular nail polish brand OPI
Pressing need? IRON
Quite wee ITTY
Rattle FAZE
Recede ABATE
Reporter covering a mission EMBED
Satori-seeking discipline ZEN
Savanna carnivore HYENA
Scoreboard number OUTS
Skiing great Lindsey VONN
Sleep and airplane on a phone, for two MODES
Son of Atticus Finch JEM
Specialized slang ARGOT
Unexpected drawback SNAG
Unmissable, in a way HUGE
Was awesomely successful KICKEDBUTT
Wood working? FORESTRY