The Washington Post - Jan 19 2021

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Clues Answers
'A Room of One's Own' author WOOLF
'A __ Day's Night': Beatles song HARD
'Dude!' BRO
'Once __ ... ' UPON
'Surely you don't mean me?!' MOI
'The X-Files' org FBI
'Toy Story' cowboy WOODY
'Yes, indeed!' IDO
'__ whiz!' GEE
Admirer FAN
Arctic seabird AUK
Bank (on) RELY
Battery terminal ANODE
Bell-bottom bottom FLARE
Brainiacs, maybe NERDS
Charged RANAT
Chicago airport code ORD
Col. Sanders's chain KFC
Daisy variety OXEYE
Daredevil dangers RISKS
Diamond bag BASE
Disc sport popular on college campuses ULTIMATEFRISBEE
E, on a gauge EMPTY
Give a thumbs-down NIX
Give-it-a-test-run advice TRYBEFOREYOUBUY
Hall of Fame pitcher Ryan NOLAN
Has too much, briefly ODS
Hiding-your-eyes parent-baby game PLAYINGPEEKABOO
Inc., in England LTD
Inside scoop INFO
Jay of late-night TV LENO
Kangaroo kid JOEY
Kiki, Sandra or Ruby DEE
Kirsten of Spider-Man films DUNST
Lady's man LORD
Law firm fig ATT
Clues Answers
Layer with a hole OZONE
Like many meds ORAL
Many a Mideast native ARAB
Mass __: an I-90 nickname PIKE
Mom's brother UNCLE
NBC staple for 45 years SNL
Nitrogen-based dye AZO
Only non-rhyming Pac-Man ghost CLYDE
Pastrami holder RYE
Peanut Butter Cup creator REESE
Plenty, in texts ENUF
Polar bear hangouts FLOES
Prepared, as a bed MADE
Right-angle shape ELL
Roadside hot dog seller STAND
Roastery draw AROMA
Scuttlebutt RUMOR
Shakespearean fairy queen MAB
Skewered dish KEBAB
Soft palate feature that translates to 'little grape' UVULA
Southern twang DRAWL
Storied pot-of-gold spot ENDOFTHERAINBOW
Storybook elephant BABAR
Three in a deck TREY
To no __: in vain AVAIL
Towel embroidery word HIS
Toymaker for Santa ELF
TV sports awards ESPYS
TV's 'Science Guy' NYE
Underground find ORE
Veer off course YAW
Vegan and Paleo regimens DIETS
Very, very OHSO
Website for film buffs IMDB
What a slob makes MESS
Where Alcatraz sits SANFRANCISCOBAY
__ center REC
__ pork: Chinese menu item MUSHU