- Jan 19 2021

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Clues Answers
''Hey . . . over here!'' PSST
''Moby-Dick'' captain AHAB
''No kidding!'' ITSTRUE
''Opposed to'' prefix ANTI
''__ welcome!'' YOURE
Accompanying WITH
Add-__ (extras) ONS
Adherent: Suffix IST
Annoying person TWERP
Bring to a halt STOP
Brit's ''Bye!'' TATA
Brit's auto wheel TYRE
Brown photo tint SEPIA
Bygone fast planes: Abbr SSTS
Canoe or kayak BOAT
Castaway's home ISLE
Clinton's vice president GORE
Coarse, as humor EARTHY
Curved like a rainbow ARCED
Digits on a passport: Abbr IDNO
Doing nothing IDLE
Door to leave through EXIT
Earnest request PLEA
Elaborate fraud HOAX
Explorer of kids' TV DORA
Feeling pleased with oneself PROUD
Forbidden thing NONO
Full collection SET
Grandson of Adam ENOCH
Hankerings YENS
Happen next ENSUE
Hearty enjoyment ZEST
Highly rated AONE
Holder for coffee CUP
In the __ (before now) PAST
Insect's feeler ANTENNA
Ireland nickname ERIN
Just __ (small amount, as of paint) ADAB
Lose one's footing SLIP
Clues Answers
Lower leg SHIN
Magazine edition ISSUE
Make revisions to EDIT
Makes a mistake ERRS
March composer John Philip __ SOUSA
Medicine-approving org FDA
Moat without water DITCH
More clever SMARTER
Morning rush-hour hr EIGHTAM
Narrow roads LANES
No later than UPTO
Not very speedy SLOW
Patriotic Olympics chant USAUSA
Plaintiff in court SUER
Pretentiously showy ARTSY
Regretted RUED
Sales force, for short REPS
Same-old routine RUT
Semester TERM
Shoe's bottom SOLE
Small stain SPOT
Soap lather SUDS
Sobbed WEPT
Tax-deferred nest eggs: Abbr IRAS
Term of office TENURE
Thorny flower named for a hot drink TEAROSE
Twosome DUO
Unwanted garden plants WEEDS
Wedding cake layer TIER
Yes, in Paris OUI
__ Lanka (Asian nation) SRI
__ sauce (Chinese condiment) SOY
__ vera (medicinal plant) ALOE