New York Times - Jan 18 2021

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Clues Answers
'Here comes Poindexter!' NERDALERT
'Let me rephrase that ...' IMEANT
'Not a chance!' NEVER
'Nuts!' DARN
'Well, that was stupid of me!' OOPS
1950s White House nickname IKE
1965 Alabama march site SELMA
1986 sci-fi sequel set in deep space ALIENS
20-ounce size at Starbucks VENTI
All riled up INALATHER
Author Charlotte, Emily or Anne BRONTE
Bauxite, e.g ORE
Bit of attire you might learn how to put on while using a mirror TIE
Boxing venue ARENA
Cincinnati squad REDS
City where you won't find the Eiffel Tower PARISTEXAS
City where you won't find the El Greco Museum TOLEDOOHIO
City where you won't find the Parthenon ATHENSGEORGIA
City where you won't find Virgil's Tomb NAPLESFLORIDA
Commuter boat FERRY
Confounded ATSEA
Cotton processors GINS
Cousin of 'Kapow!' WHAM
Cry of surprise OHO
Curly-leafed cabbage KALE
Designer Christian DIOR
Drink like a cat LAP
Driveway material TAR
Dutch cheese EDAM
Easter-related PASCHAL
Excessive drinking or gambling VICE
Fading stars HASBEENS
Far out RAD
Get ready to hem, say PINUP
Gets ready, as for surgery PREPS
Hankering ITCH
I.R.S. agent, quaintly TMAN
Clues Answers
Insect flying in a cloud GNAT
Join in couples PAIROFF
Kind of goat that's the source of mohair ANGORA
More than a couple SEVERAL
Neck and neck EVEN
Neuter, as a horse GELD
Not to mention .. AND
Not upstanding, in either sense of the word LYING
Online market for craftspeople ETSY
Org. for which Jason Bourne works in 'The Bourne Identity' CIA
Org. that runs Windy City trains CTA
Owner of the first bed that Goldilocks tested PAPA
Pal of Jerry on 'Seinfeld' ELAINE
Part of a golf club GRIP
Plant on a trellis VINE
Prefix with lateral or cellular UNI
Pro or con, in a debate SIDE
QB successes TDS
Receipt line just above the total TAX
Refrigerator compound FREON
Repeated bit in jazz RIFF
Rings, as a church bell PEALS
Russian 'no' NYET
Saintly 'Mother' TERESA
Small, brown bird WREN
Sound made by helicopter rotors WHIR
Still surviving ALIVE
Tehran's land IRAN
Thomas Edison's middle name ALVA
Utopian IDEAL
Valentine's Day flower ROSE
Venerated symbols TOTEMS
Walked nervously back and forth PACED
What follows the initial part of a master plan PHASETWO
What the back of a store might open onto ALLEY
Yasir of the P.L.O ARAFAT
___ Hari (W.W. I spy) MATA
___ Pictures, one of Hollywood's Big Five studios SONY