Universal - Jan 17 2021

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Clues Answers
"Hogwash!" ROT
"I'm outta here till Monday!" TGIF
"It's a Wonderful Life" director CAPRA
"Son ___ gun!" OFA
"Ta-da!" VOILA
"You don't have to tell me" IKNOW
"You're not the only one" SODOI
A Stooge MOE
All-out effort to fill theater seats? TICKETOFFENSIVE
Angle at which surfaces meet BEVEL
Apple's mobile platform IOS
Beehive State native UTE
Before, in verse ERE
Birds that hoot OWLS
Black-ink entry ASSET
Cash dispenser, briefly ATM
Cavity formed by the ground's collapse SINKHOLE
Child in the kitchen JULIA
City west of Novosibirsk OMSK
Curly-leafed green KALE
Detroit gridiron concern? LIONKICKING
Disney's mermaid princess ARIEL
Fence-painting gripe? PICKETPEEVE
Fish-eating hawk OSPREY
Fruit that sounds unsightly UGLI
Gold or silver METAL
Got together MET
Grease monkey's "grease" OIL
Grist for the mill WHEAT
Heirs' documents WILLS
Hit the sack, e.g IDIOM
Hole-boring tool AUGER
Hunter in the sky ORION
India's most prominent language HINDI
Large car, familiarly SUV
Leonard who played Spock NIMOY
Like many fast-food orders TOGO
Little white lie FIB
Clues Answers
Logical start? BIO
Luke Skywalker's dad ANAKIN
Malicious defamation LIBEL
Mentions as a source CITES
Mormon Tabernacle instrument ORGAN
Needs to pay OWES
Nickelodeon's girl explorer DORA
Org. to "improve the health of the nation" AMA
Parking area LOT
Pennsylvania, e.g., in D.C AVE
Pester relentlessly NAG
Preoccupied (with) OBSESSED
Preparing for a shower DISROBING
Raggedy Ann or Andy DOLL
Reduce to a pulp MASH
Ring-shaped coral reef ATOLL
Rockies roamer ELK
See 26-Across ROLLICKING
Singer of the album "25" ADELE
Singer Ronstadt LINDA
Singer-songwriter Tori AMOS
Smart speaker from Amazon ECHO
Soccer celebrity Hamm MIA
Sock part TOE
Soft, soapy mineral TALC
Square dance women GALS
Start a computer session LOGIN
Stitched together SEWN
Study of Earth's shifting crust TECTONICS
Tournament ranking SEED
Traffic tie-up JAM
Tribute in verse ODE
Wax-coated cheese EDAM
Weekend comedy show, briefly SNL
White wine aperitif KIR
Whitewater boats RAFTS
With 50-Across, put some spark into a debutante gala? GETTHEBALL
___ acid (protein part) AMINO
___ and hearty HALE