The Washington Post Sunday - Jan 17 2021

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Clues Answers
'Arrested Development' character whose specialty is 84 Down GOB
'Awake' actress Jessica ALBA
'Don't let your guard down' STAYALERT
'Dream Together' artist Yoko ONO
'Finish the job!' DOIT
'I'm hungry, and also I'm a cat' MEOW
'If only!' IWISH
'Loved this!' SOGOOD
'Man, I'm gonna be sore for a week after bench-pressing 350 pounds,' e.g HUMBLEBRAG
'Nerve' actress Emily MEADE
'Precious' director Daniels LEE
'So I Married an ___ Murderer' (1993 black comedy) AXE
'Super Cool' and 'Loser' musician BECK
'The Padre' actor Nick NOLTE
'The Penitent' playwright David MAMET
'The Shutov Assembly' musician Brian ENO
'___ can be seen on plums' THECOLORPURPLE
'___ happens when someone is convinced' PERSUASION
'___ indicate healthy brushing habits' WHITETEETH
'___ is how old you are before you're considered guilty' THEAGEOFINNOCENCE
'___ is what you'd book on the top floor of some high-rise hotel' AROOMWITHAVIEW
'___ mean that you anticipate an amazing future' GREATEXPECTATIONS
'___ when they lose structural integrity' THINGSFALLAPART
2004 comedy set at North Shore High School MEANGIRLS
A pop EACH
ABC or NBC promo, e.g TVAD
Actress Aniston or Garner, familiarly JEN
Actual price paid NETCOST
Actually existing REAL
Affectionate embrace HUG
Agree to, as for a contract SIGN
Allow LET
Anchor's offering NEWS
Antioxidant-rich grain OAT
Area where the defense makes a goal-line stand, in football REDZONE
Avian companion of Jafar in 'Aladdin' IAGO
Badgers, as humans NAGS
Barrel racing locale RODEO
Bears witness (to) ATTESTS
Bird that caws CROW
Breaking out of a sealed box or walking on water, seemingly MAGIC
Bright light gas NEON
Buildup on old bikes RUST
Camelid in the Andes LLAMA
Captain once portrayed by Patrick Stewart AHAB
Chocolate snack cake HOHO
Cleansing supply SOAP
Clumsy fellow OAF
Come back to, as a club you previously left REJOIN
Consumer's program? DIET
Creatures in colonies ANTS
Crispy circles ONIONRINGS
Cross-strung instrument, maybe HARP
Currently broadcasting ONAIR
Devilish child IMP
Diploma holder FRAME
Dominates, informally OWNS
Drink frequently seen on 'Sex and the City,' briefly COSMO
Dublin's land, in poetry EIRE
Dunn who played Babette on SNL NORA
Earth, in sci-fi TERRA
Explorer voiced by Kathleen Herles, Caitlin Sanchez and Fátima Ptacek DORA
Fashion designer Tahari ELIE
Feeling after a karate lesson ACHE
Fill to excess SATIATE
Flammable solvent ETHER
Flat, edible pockets PITAS
Floating freely ADRIFT
Folding chair, e.g SEAT
Frasier's radio producer on 'Frasier' ROZ
Frat row letter heard when saying this clue aloud RHO
Gillette razor ATRA
Clues Answers
Glowing globes, maybe ORBS
Got up AROSE
Grassy forest spaces GLADES
Grew tired of SOUREDON
Guess a wrong letter on 'Wheel of Fortune,' say ERR
Harley, in biker slang HOG
Head off, like a pirate SETSAIL
Hold out one's arm, say REACH
Home of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru LIMA
How vague laws and texts may be interpreted LOOSELY
Idomeneo in the opera 'Idomeneo,' e.g TENOR
Insect in a dusty coat MOTH
Introduction to civics? SOFTC
Is unable to CANT
Item in a drum kit SNARE
Judge Lance ITO
Judy elected to Congress in 2009 CHU
Keep out of sight HIDE
Knowledgeable about UPON
Landing site TARMAC
Like a comedian's audience, hopefully AMUSED
Lounges in the bathtub SOAKS
Lumber mill items SAWS
Masthead word, often TIMES
Missile tip NOSECONE
Monochrome photography tint SEPIA
Motion pictures? CARTOON
Mule's foot HOOF
No comment? DENIAL
Nonetheless EVENSO
Northern Indian territory near Uttar Pradesh DELHI
Not out of the tournament yet ALIVE
On top of that TOO
One heard on the compilation album '1' BEATLE
One piece? SOLO
Part of the perimeter SIDE
Physicist and Nobel Prize recipient Fermi ENRICO
Preceding day EVE
Processed, as ore SMELTED
Reply to a texted joke LOL
Results of legislative negotiations ACTS
Ringing sounds PEALS
Saber handle HILT
See 106 Down ISAAC
See 122 Down RIDA
Seeks answers ASKS
Singer Fitzgerald or Mai ELLA
Snatches suddenly GRABS
Some wireless keyboard batteries AAS
Spring LEAP
Steak maker COOK
Steal from ROB
Strong or weak solutions in a lab ACIDS
Take to an impound lot TOW
Taking a break ATREST
The dog Otis in 'The Adventures of Milo and Otis,' e.g PUG
Train rider's destination STOP
Traversing an ocean ASEA
Underwater bar SHOAL
Utter nonsense TRIPE
Wait patiently BIDE
Weasels' relatives SABLES
With 17 Down, Poe Dameron's portrayer in 'Star Wars' films OSCAR
With 73 Down, 'Low' rapper named for the state where he was born FLO
Wood-fired chamber, perhaps OVEN
Wrap similar to a doner kebab GYRO
___ 500 INDY
___ apso (Tibetan dog breed) LHASA
___ Pet (botanical fad) CHIA
___ Rican COSTA
___ Taco (chain selling CrunchTada tostadas) DEL