- Jan 16 2021

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Clues Answers
''Sure, now that you've told me!'' DUH
A for-instance CASE
Abundant MANY
Acceptable GOOD
Adornment TRIM
Alphabetically last birthstones ZIRCONS
Anagram of AY, ELI YALIE
Analog timer part DIAL
Annual awards on ABC ESPYS
Become less valuable GODOWN
California's ''Garlic Capital of the World'' GILROY
Celebratory sort REVELER
Certain camera support UNIPOD
Closest one BESTIE
Co-ruler with Peter the Great IVANV
CPA spreadsheet column YTD
CSI franchise regulars DAS
Decoy, for instance LURE
Exodus commemoration SEDER
Far from acceptable PUNY
Feel like fighting SEERED
Fighting mood IRE
Flips things RESELLS
Former capital of Italy LIRA
Former Volvo alternative SAAB
Fret about RUE
Handheld device TOOL
Hardest to handle EELIEST
Inconclusive endings TIES
Informal exchange CHAT
Inner space GAP
It's behind you while behind the wheel REARAXLE
Litterbug, for instance SLOB
Lloyd Webber attainment of 2019 EGOT
Long, long ago YORE
Clues Answers
Lose its excitement PALL
Loud speaker ORATOR
Mo. metropolis STL
Negotiation successes PACTS
Not a figment REAL
Oldest moon walker (at 47) ALANSHEPARD
One often walking in the park PIGEON
Papal, in Michelangelo's day SISTINE
Preparing potatoes, perhaps ONKP
Pro conditioners STRENGTHCOACHES
Profits from experience LEARNS
Roy Lichtenstein ''impactful'' pop-art painting WHAAM
Server in some restaurants URN
Soapstone, mostly TALC
Soda fountain stuff SYRUP
Soda that sounds short NEHI
Spam, essentially MEAT
Stat for a server TIPS
Swimmer to stay away from PIRANHA
Tape holder of the past VCR
They've got a lot to pick up TRAINEES
Threshold VERGE
Traditional pizza place NAPLES
Trip up SNAG
Using one's hanky, perhaps SNEEZY
Very, very soon INASEC
Wants in the worst way YEARNS
Wears down TIRES
What many bowling pins are made of MAPLE
What T-shirts usually cover INNIES
What was watched on '50s TV CRT
Where ''leprechauns'' came from OLDIRISH
Wizard with wicked witches BAUM