Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jan 15 2021

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Clues Answers
A shed I've built with stuff that sticks ADHESIVE
A tenor restrained by wireless recording introduction? That's bound to get heated! RADIATOR
Blathers on foolishly about unit with five soldiers PRIVATES
Bookish type critically examined in the daily investigation by police from Yard REVIEWCOPY
Captivated by a fiend's cat? Weird! FASCINATED
Digs up metal found in, for example, iodine from fire IGNITE
Doing a job in the fields heading off to work with horses HOEING
Drink from Russia initially produced in Split TEARUP
Eccentric offering two types of drugs CRACKPOT
Employed by 25 across in forge DOCTOR
Ignores a butcher's catalogue ORGANISE
Knocks around one of the beams on an aeroplane SPAR
Leave a lasting impression with what's in sweet chestnuts ETCH
Medical Examiner in America embraces type of vaccine in confidence MORALE
Clues Answers
Mike admits attacking the reputation of leaders from Holland by describing one of those in charge of 6 down MATRONLIKE
Most of the old salt in Polish resort is bound to make you feel better HOSPITAL
Most of those in 9 across and 25 across claim for this on health insurance PRIVATEHOSPITAL
Odd chore for shady type OCHRE
Public house boozer starting to slur BARB
Put in the picture on both sides of ten dollar bill TELL
Refuse the little ones among the boxers LITTER
Retires to get away from hothead at the top of the class with school timetable SCHEDULE
Small track by Sid Vicious from the heart is no good SIDING
Some society ball recalled from bit of memory BYTE
State of new engineer - a supporter of female music synonymous with Jamaica NEBRASKA
Strike across the board with decorators out BASH
Those working in the theatre producing Three Sisters, for instance NURSES
Turns up, paramilitaries from Ireland start to tape and record petition to higher court Certiorari