The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27874

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Clues Answers
Achieve prominent publicity making banners? hit the headlines
Affair of big cat crossing road with last of cubs LIAISON
African city reached by libertine in thirty-one days MARRAKECH
Cheek of learner leaving lucky creature outside hotel BACKCHAT
Confusion brought about by inspector’s instruction DISORDER
Egyptian citizen displays anger, breaking stick CAIRENE
English archdeacon’s betting odds EVENS
Eponymous hero’s extremely offbeat greeting OTHELLO
Family name of Swiss banker taken in by scam COGNOMEN
Forceful chap I met at sea EMPHATIC
Gibbon, for one, a senior cleric PRIMATE
Good worker everyone held to be brave and chivalrous GALLANT
Great hopes Berg cultivated about a stage work the beggars opera
Illustrious celebrity entertaining the Spanish Left STELLAR
Joint party-giver’s charge for keeping house COHOST
Clues Answers
Liberal leaving place of worship in wooded vale TEMPE
Lizard in S American region, one moving to prime position IGUANA
Money you and I brought back for evergreen tree CASHEW
Neatly trim thick hair covering current dog MANICURE
No-show sailors put on course right away ABSENTEE
Outstanding feature primarily of go-ahead Native American CHINOOK
Taking notice of ambassador, say, limiting noise HEEDING
Understanding crowd GATHERING
US politician eager to crush Yankee rabble-rousing DEMAGOGY
Vehicle has got hired to go round old Mediterranean area LEVANT
Weatherproof coat old man wrapped round chest PARKA
Witch briefly keeping old Scottish pot for boiling CAULDRON
Wizardry of fighting man in rainproof garment MAGIC
Woman finally changes sides, finding compound ETHER
Woman’s name concealed by mature son AGNES