- Jan 14 2021

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Clues Answers
''Awesome!'' EPIC
''I'm shocked!'' MYGOD
''Lawrence of Arabia'' star OTOOLE
''No bid'' IPASS
''Rigoletto'' rendition ARIA
A panhandle state IDAHO
Against, initially ANTI
Angry look SCOWL
Animal seen on some road signs DEER
Babysitter, often TEENAGER
Back in the day ONCE
Brewpub designation IPA
Californie, par exemple ETAT
Can't sleep LIESAWAKE
Chip off a block, perhaps NICK
Clog-clearing chemical LYE
Clown accessories STILTS
Concern of a Cub Scout ''mother'' DEN
Correctional PENAL
Cousin Vinny portrayer PESCI
Embossed emblems SEALS
Endearing expression WINNINGSMILE
Evil spell HEX
Fanciful tooth collector FAIRY
Feeling pleased GLAD
Firing __ cylinders ONALL
Going off course in an email series LOSINGTHETHREAD
Having trouble deciding TORN
Hawaii's Mauna __ LOA
Hide-hair link NOR
Introduction starter ITS
It's longer than a lounger SOFA
Jouster's need LANCE
Kids' song conclusion EIEIO
Ky. neighbor TENN
La __ (Milan opera house) SCALA
Late-day prayer EVENSONG
Level-headed SANE
Clues Answers
Log listing ENTRY
Looks good on FITS
Main man of a movie HERO
Maritime greeting AHOY
Maximum limit CAP
Meditative practice ZEN
Metal-laden mineral ORE
Metaphor for starting over DRAWINGBOARD
Minor objection NIT
NBA star Curry STEPH
Non-nobles COMMONERS
One and only SOLE
Owl of Potter's pal ERROL
Pact since '49 NATO
Part of NYC YORK
Plow-pulling beasts OXEN
Poetic direction YON
Reflexive outburst ACHOO
River runner's craft CANOE
Run down verbally DEFAME
Seer's cards TAROT
Signify MEAN
Sleep disturbers NOISES
Soak (up) SOP
Some California reds ZINS
Sound sung before/after 10 Down OINK
Supermodel Campbell NAOMI
Sushi seaweed KELP
The depleted __ Sea ARAL
Thoughts to consider IDEAS
Title at the top CEO
Toxic stuff VENOM
Ventriloquist's prop? KNEE
Welcoming customers OPEN
With the group ALONG
Without a clue ATSEA
WWII milestone DDAY
__ dry (parched) BONE