The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,342 - Jan 14 2021

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Clues Answers
Artist and writer among group trying not to drink coffee, potentially ARABICA
Assembling, as partners may be, on green? PUTTINGTOGETHER
Brilliant display mounted in oriental centre ECLAT
Case for money secured by First Lord of Admiralty primarily for small 12 FLOTILLA
Corps put faith in security UNITTRUST
Dog's home supported by judge in Ulster BASENJI
False clone claiming ambassador's rank ECHELON
False teeth regularly scrubbed fast FLEET
Family lawyer of sorts? KINDA
Fancy tie? Here's one in hand for Democrat to wear BANDANA
Forced to serve jam and egg crackers PRESSGANGED
Go out to lunch when retired STAB
Handyman's powder spotted above shower SAWDUST
Highly awed seamen ran into harbours STARSTRUCK
Clues Answers
Inmate welcoming Oscar back after recital here? READINGGAOL
Invoice in pouch-like holder, with penny change DOCKET
Leaders in acoustics designed more suitable connector ADAPTER
Made mad excursion, when put off by everyone DRIVENUPTHEWALL
Mass publication VOLUME
Maybe sharper children worry CHEAT
Most brawny supplier in business grabs last of range STOCKIEST
Note-writer's favourable report on Simpson Jr? BARTOK
Portable bed intended for nursery? GROWBAG
Queen to withdraw for this reason? ERGO
Risk taken by fish shop BETRAY
Rough sketches outlining germ warfare devices of 1940s DOODLEBUGS
Stream barred return of predatory beast OUTFLOW
Unauthorised artwork revolutionary provided in strongly Labour newspaper GRAFFITI