Universal - Jan 13 2021

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Clues Answers
" ... my own worst ___" ENEMY
"Awesome!" COOLIO
"Fifty Shades Freed" heroine Anastasia STEELE
"Janie's Got ___" (Aerosmith classic) AGUN
0 letters, on a telephone OPER
65-Across, to a beatnik ICANDIGIT
65-Across, to a hypnotist OPENYOUREYES
65-Across, to an impolite diner COME
65-Across, to one in a rush HURRYITUP
65-Across, to one surprised by how quickly something happened JUSTLIKETHAT
65-Across, to one who just missed SOCLOSE
Android alternative IOS
Athens aperitif OUZO
Attacked, cat-style CLAWED
Audio receiver? EAR
Author Rona JAFFE
Automotive lemon of note EDSEL
Bavarian banger WURST
Blathers YAPS
Body parts that rest on violas CHINS
Bona ___ (genuine) FIDE
Closed SHUT
Coercion DURESS
Craven of horror WES
Curious to a fault NOSY
Drop the ball, say ERR
East Coast ice cream brand EDYS
Ensures there are no strings attached? UNTIES
Extended family group CLAN
Fearsome dino TREX
Finger sound that's the subject of this puzzle SNAP
Frilly fabric LACE
Gallery contents, in Spain ARTE
Gazillions OODLES
Get, as a job or a fish LAND
Impolite RUDE
Clues Answers
Internet access initials DSL
It isn't so easy on the eyes MACE
It's always getting stepped on MAT
It's back-to-back with Miss ALA
Lamenter's feeling WOE
Legendary Spanish hero ELCID
Like a checked-out library book ONLOAN
Like a universal donor's blood TYPEO
Like some grab-and-go meals READYTOEAT
Like the cars at Texas' Cadillac Ranch HALFBURIED
Loan shark's offense USURY
Loved to bits ADORED
Magnum ___ (masterpiece) OPUS
Main ingredient in pesto BASIL
Make dirty SOIL
Michael Jordan's underwear brand HANES
Minnelli of "Cabaret" LIZA
Nothing more than MERE
O'er and o'er again OFT
Org. for Packers and Panthers NFC
Out of practice RUSTY
PC monitor type LCD
Reads Braille FEELS
Resting on ATOP
Robby Benson figure-skating film ICECASTLES
Running in neutral IDLE
Salmon variety COHO
Spoon's neighbor KNIFE
Sugar name suffix OSE
Superhero suit material LATEX
Sycophant TOADY
Tankard filler ALE
Three Musketeers' word ONE
Three Musketeers' word ALL
Used an emery board FILED
Wheels on a motorway TYRES
Word before "case" or "well" STAIR
___ the heels of HOTON