The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27873

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Clues Answers
After change of heart, married alternative sensual woman earth mother
Agricultural partner was responsible for these detailed figures three blind mice
Better information requiring strategy to make switch? tic-tac
Classic character: tense, almost to the end TAU
Cotton fabric: there’s concern after losing a large amount CRETONNE
Cut on head: not upset? Absolutely TONSURE
Damaging material in the environment one can pick up? noise pollution
Day rent fell? DRIPPED
Extra work? RUN
Gazpacho, say, showing little change? That would be stupid CLODDISH
Is question on radio about parking in town? IPSWICH
Lad keeping it working: are French workers to stay idle? sit on ones hands
Learner is not a little flexible LISSOME
Live in hitherto untouched tower MINARET
Clues Answers
Much older partner lends character, somehow cradle snatcher
Old man, fanatic about missile briefly, not backing emergency device panic button
One dispenses with finally being taken in by church obscurity CHEMIST
Photo leading to surprised comment about large instrument PICCOLO
Point(er)? TIP
Poison left to rise up in a wine unopened ATROPINE
Possessing reason for one to accommodate fool SANITY
Revolutionary support about to be attached to dresses ROBESPIERRE
Shady image, representation of Horus and Cairo with minimum of colour CHIAROSCURO
Shirt’s back occupied by most of succinct descriptive comment EPITHET
Stunned response around high ground reduced for some time AWHILE
They keep watch, perhaps, aboard ship STICKERS
US writer in recording backing European nation PEOPLE
Writer’s rating limiting University centre HUB