Wall Street Journal - Jan 13 2021 - You’re All Wet!

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Clues Answers
“I wanna!” LEMME
“So true!” IKNOWIT
Accepted or declined RSVPED
Actualize MAKEREAL
Ages and ages EONS
Angry sound GRR
Arles article UNE
Auto-replying program TWITTERBOT
Bargaining chip LEVERAGE
Bartholomew, for one APOSTLE
Big name in appliances AMANA
Bird-based AVIAN
Boat’s spines KEELS
Camel, e.g TAN
Capital founded as a gold camp HELENA
Celebrate exuberantly ROISTER
Cimmerian hero created by Robert E. Howard CONAN
Concert feature SOLO
Contemptuous expressions SNEERS
Countertop choice GRANITE
Disney movie with a Tahitian-dubbed version MOANA
Drink in the afternoon, say TAKETEA
E-file org IRS
Earn a timeout ACTUP
Esposo’s affectionate declaration TEAMO
Eyed unsavorily OGLED
First of the archangels MICHAEL
Floor routine component HANDSPRING
Fluffy accessory BOA
Geographic feature, and a hint to four answers in this puzzle BODYOFWATER
Hang loosely DRAPE
Havens ASYLA
Hip-hop duo ___ Sremmurd RAE
Inflexible SET
Knocked unconscious LAIDOUT
Lakota lodgings TEPEE
Clues Answers
Madre di Caino e Abele EVA
MLB honchos GMS
Model of iPad, iPhone 12 or HomePod MINI
Mother lode stuff ORE
Nation with a nonrectangular flag NEPAL
One might be cracked DOOR
Org. that banned bump stocks ATF
Oscar winner Mahershala ALI
Paris accord? OUI
Part of a corporate charter BYLAW
Part of a Freudian threesome EGO
Patriarchy rulers MEN
Penny Lane locale LIVERPOOL
Plymouth Reliant, e.g KCAR
Popular scuba site REEF
Postal abbr ENCL
Putin’s employer in the 1980s KGB
QB stat ATT
Range protuberances KNOBS
Republic from 1836 to 1846 TEXAS
Science practicum LAB
Seller of Glide Floss ORALB
Seneca, e.g FINGERLAKE
Shepard of TV’s “Bless This Mess” DAX
Singer Horan, who was a member of One Direction NIALL
Slip up ERR
Snaky fish EEL
Sneaky laughs HEHS
Some ER cases ODS
T-Mobile Park player MARINER
Tell tale item BOW
Tpks. and expys RDS
Turn sharply VEER
Unofficial means of communication BACKCHANNEL
Weep CRY
Wicket, who helps Leia, e.g EWOK
Works on walls ART
Wrath IRE