Irish Times (Simplex) - Jan 13 2021

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Clues Answers
A bride's bottom drawer TROUSSEAU
Administrative region in Switzerland CANTON
Association formed for mutual benefit ALLIANCE
Cobra used by Egyptians as a symbol of power ASP
Condemn publicly DENOUNCE
Cunning trickery DECEIT
Dairy product CHEESE
Despite that, nevertheless EVENSO
Express in speech UTTER
Financial records ACCOUNTS
Full range of colour SPECTRUM
Hydrogen or methane, say GAS
Key to move between lower- and upper-case SHIFT
Large seabird found among lost Arabs ALBATROSS
Long-handled digging tool SPADE
Muslim title and cooking stove AGA
Not circulating or flowing STAGNANT
Occurrence, happening EVENT
Clues Answers
Parts, pieces, portions SEGMENTS
Point at the end of a fork PRONG
Proficient, skilled ADEPT
Protective cloth for a diner NAPKIN
Protrusion of an organ through its wall HERNIA
Rough shelter lying against the wall of a building LEANTO
Selecting by ballot VOTING
Short digit THUMB
Skewers of marinated meat KEBABS
Small hoofed animal ASS
Small pieces of wood STICKS
Speak without preparation ADLIB
Take to be the case, without proof ASSUME
The slaughter of many MASSACRE
The weather in various locations CLIMATES
Thick, heavy shoe BROGUE
Utter profanities BLASPHEME
Wretched, pitiful MISERABLE