Universal - Jan 11 2021

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Clues Answers
"A Day Without Rain" singer ENYA
"Don't speak of this!" NOTAWORD
"Judge ___" (1995 sci-fi film) DREDD
"The Matrix" hero NEO
"___ the ramparts . . . " OER
0% ___ financing APR
2016 Enterprise film STARTREKBEYOND
2016 Olympics host RIO
60 mg of Vitamin C, e.g RDA
A spy might wear one WIRE
Aloe ___ VERA
Along the edge OUTER
An eagle's can weigh two tons NEST
Arctic native INUIT
Baseball flag PENNANT
Batman : Wayne :: Superman : ___ KENT
Best of the best ELITE
Cardinals, on scoreboards STL
Casio competitor SEIKO
Chi-Town paper, with "The" TRIB
Chocolate mint brand ANDES
Did a juice cleanse, say DIETED
Disinfectant brand LYSOL
Dodgers legend Hodges GIL
Double ___ Oreos STUF
Eco-warrior Brockovich ERIN
Engrave ETCH
Expand GROW
Feel sick AIL
First family's garden EDEN
Founder's inspiration IDEA
Fra.'s locale EUR
French word for "word" MOT
From Perth, perhaps AUSTRALIAN
Fruit with a fuzzy skin KIWI
Goes after in court SUES
Clues Answers
H.S. exam whose max score is 1520 PSAT
He lost twice to DDE AES
http:// address URL
Iams product PETFOOD
Jedi Kenobi OBIWAN
Joanne of "Red River" DRU
Just managed, with "out" EKED
Light bender PRISM
Like bad coffee WEAK
Like Dennis the Menace, chronically INTROUBLEAGAIN
Mailed SENT
Mystery writer?: Abbr ANON
Natural alternative to artificial turf SOD
One may become an earworm TUNE
Pen tip NIB
Phobias FEARS
Pint seller PUB
Place to dip a quill INKPOT
Puerto ___ (certain islander) RICAN
Purpose INTENT
Putt target CUP
Really enjoys ISINTO
Regal automaker BUICK
Richard who played Dr. T GERE
Small salamander NEWT
Teen's woe ACNE
Tire pressure initials PSI
Van Gogh flower IRIS
Vikings' sports grp., definitively THENFL
What January 1 brings for many people, and a hint to the first letters of 20-, 28- and 47-Across NEWBEGINNINGS
Where to find "Friends" NICKATNITE
Word document label FILENAME
Word with "balm" or "gloss" LIP
Yang's partner YIN
___ and games FUN