Family Time - Jan 10 2021

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Clues Answers
"... ___ the twain shall meet" NEER
"At what time?" WHEN
"I'll ___ a penny you can't do that again" BET
"Little ___ Blue" BOY
"To the max" suffix EST
"___ this puppy cute?" ISNT
About to get 38-Across TINGLING
Amount of laundry LOAD
Anger or deep fury IRE
Any Bulgar, Serb or Czech SLAV
Basic essentials (3 words) NUTSANDBOLTS
Board material for filing nails EMERY
Co. that makes deliveries UPS
Complete, as a crossword SOLVE
Comply with, as a sergeant's orders OBEY
Countess's husband EARL
Country in South America PERU
Declines to participate in (with "out of") OPTS
Detects with the eyes DISCERNS
Eye liner? BROW
Festive party GALA
Folk story TALE
Good things to have in business and life RELATIONSHIPS
Greek T TAU
Hairstyling stuff GEL
Honey Nut Cheerios critter BEE
It can lead to a great creation IDEA
Like a guy who basked too much SUNBURNT
Like an animal with its back against the wall (2 words) ATBAY
Lima or pinto BEAN
Marry WED
Clues Answers
Motocross surface DIRT
Musical instrument with vertical strings HARP
New York's ___ Canal ERIE
On-the-road safety device (2 words) SEATBELT
Part of a growing carrot ROOT
Payment for a poker hand ANTE
Photo ___ (publicity chances) OPS
Place to heat up a bun OVEN
Poking tools for cobblers AWLS
Quick, abbreviated time period SEC
Remain where you are STAY
Result of seeing something truly amazing (2 words) GOOSEPIMPLES
Round sovereign symbol ORB
Secures shoelaces TIES
Small period of history ERA
Sought-after rating AONE
Spoken for anyone to hear ORAL
Suffix with "collect" ION
The "you" in some Bibles THOU
They're used in soccer and tennis BALLS
Tough, heavy burden ONUS
Traveled on horseback RODE
Two-finger victory symbol VEE
U-turn from "buy" SELL
Unit of work or energy, in physics ERG
Very healthy type of 16-Across SOYA
Well-selected or well-chosen APT
With the volume cranked up LOUD
Writer of rhyming lines POET
Zero in some sports NIL
___ caution while driving USE