Universal - Jan 10 2021

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Clues Answers
"Phooey!" DARN
"This won't ___ a bit!" HURT
"Well, ___ was awkward ..." THAT
"White Noise" playwright Suzan-___ Parks LORI
"You are ___" (map phrase) HERE
(More tuna, human!) MEOW
Against ANTI
Be an accomplice to ABET
Bear in the sky URSA
Big name in jeans LEE
Bossy sibling, perhaps ELDEST
Boston-to-Providence dir SSW
California valley with wine tours NAPA
Calm and dignified SEDATE
Cedar or cypress TREE
CPR providers EMTS
Dated boyfriends? BEAUS
Dessert often served a la mode PIE
Diamonds, e.g SUIT
Disappearing shopping venues MALLS
Disinfectant brand LYSOL
Dominican Republic neighbor HAITI
Earliest topping for fajitas? PRIMALSOURCREAM
Elsa's sister in "Frozen" ANNA
Fancy cracker spread PATE
Final Four game, informally SEMI
Fling HURL
Flirt with, perhaps TEASE
Florist, often ARRANGER
Flower that may be "bearded" IRIS
Future atty.'s exam LSAT
Genius Bar computer MAC
Get out of bed ARISE
Get under one's skin RANKLE
Gosling of "The Notebook" RYAN
Grating voice quality RASP
Greek H ETA
Identifying words from a bell ringer ITSME
Clues Answers
Indira who led India GANDHI
Ketchup base TOMATO
Leanings BENTS
Like a baker who works the graveyard shift? FLOURYBYNIGHT
Like a cactus habitat ARID
Like a lopsided smile WRY
Like some eclipses LUNAR
One could keep you up ... or put you to sleep SNORE
Part of a barbecue rack RIB
Person taking orders? SALESREP
Ph.Ds or MDs DRS
Plank targets ABS
Prefix for "nautical" AERO
Preschooler, say TYKE
Prodder on a cowboy boot SPUR
Property claim LIEN
Pull, as a sleeve TUGON
Pull, as a water-skier TOW
Queue at a truck stop RIGS
Reason to pull an all-nighter TEST
Region conquered by Caesar GAUL
Relished ATEUP
Roasting rod SPIT
Slanderous remark SLUR
Small Starbucks size TALL
Solid, like an oak STURDY
Some map lines: Abbr RDS
Spigots TAPS
Stretch out ELONGATE
Swiss currency FRANC
Synchronized obstacle-course running? PARALLELPARKOUR
Theater handouts PROGRAMS
Toy dog with Chinese origins, familiarly PEKE
Unhappy fate DOOM
Use a towel on DRY
What happens after a charity calls for hand-me-downs? CLOTHESPOURIN
___ alla vodka PENNE
___ Club (wholesaling chain) SAMS