The Washington Post - Jan 10 2021

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Clues Answers
'Cast of thousands' member EXTRA
'Doggone it!' DRAT
'Norma __' RAE
'The Elements of Bridge' author Charles GOREN
'Toy Story' bully SID
'Winning __ everything' ISNT
*Cause a disturbance RAISECAIN
*Do a garage job CHECKTHEOIL
*Do a washday chore FOLDLAUNDRY
*Have what it takes CUTTHEMUSTARD
*Smell awful DRAWFLIES
*Speculate, in a way DEALINFUTURES
*Try to deceive one of the base runners BLUFFATHROW
*Walk off the job CALLASTRIKE
Adorn with sequins SPANGLE
Anna of 'The Emoji Movie' FARIS
Applied fragrant hair dressing to POMADED
Ate, with 'down' CHOWED
Austen classic EMMA
Auto pioneer OLDS
Bassoon cousins OBOES
Bat-maker's tool LATHE
Battle of heavyweights SUMO
Big-box store division AISLE
Brut, compared to sec DRIER
Cantina appetizers TAPAS
Car washer, at times HOSER
Chaplin of 'Game of Thrones' OONA
Chesapeake Bay, e.g INLET
Choral part ALTO
Coin depicting a torch DIME
Coming and going GERUNDS
Communion site ALTAR
Composed tweets, say WROTE
Cost to play ANTE
Cream cheese serving SCHMEAR
Cross above an altar ROOD
Currency of Jordan DINAR
Dancing pro HOOFER
Dark cloud PALL
Davis Cup org USTA
Designer Schiaparelli ELSA
Destiny and source of the phoenix ASHES
Drew out EDUCED
Ducklings' dads DRAKES
E is the only vowel that doesn't begin any of their names USSTATES
Emcee's lapel attachment MIC
Evaded the bouncer, maybe GOTIN
Fabled loser HARE
Faucet annoyance DRIP
Fighting, after 'at' ODDS
Firecracker part FUSE
Flat-nosed dogs PUGS
Four-page sheet FOLIO
Frigate front PROW
Gain popularity on Twitter TREND
Give it a whirl TRY
Go through quickly RIFLE
Golden AURIC
Hanoi holiday TET
Having one's doubts LEERY
Home with smoke flaps TEPEE
Homes for gliders HANGARS
Horse-and-buggy group AMISH quotes RATES
Informed, with 'in' CLUED
Join with a blowtorch WELD
Kett of old comics ETTA
Knocks out, in a way AWES
Last checkbox, often OTHER
Like GIs in the kitchen ONKP
Like loud crowds AROAR
Clues Answers
Like some pockets DEEP
Luxury sheet material SATIN
Magneto's enemies XMEN
Managed care gp HMO
Manufactured PRODUCED
Many airport rides UBERS
Many Eng. degrees BAS
Migratory herring SHAD
Minibike relative MOPED
Misfortunes ILLS
More saintly HOLIER
Nail alternative SCREW
Napkin material LINEN
Nitpickers split them HAIRS
Not quite round OVAL
Obey the coxswain ROW
Of great scope BROAD
Offer a view OPINE
Othello and kin MOORS
Pac-12 sch ASU
Photoshop, e.g ALTER
Placement word WHERE
Play badly? CHEAT
Point a finger at NAME
Portray fury or fear EMOTE
Potentially ruinous DIRE
Prepares ham for an omelet, say DICES
Printer powder TONER
Reaches a peak CRESTS
Reacted to a punch SAWSTARS
Reserve, as a date HOLDOPEN
Respond to reveille ARISE
Rodeo bovine STEER
Roughly one-third of Africa SAHARA
Rubs clean SCOURS
SAT prep teacher, often TUTOR
Send to the Hill ELECT
Set aflame LIT
Shove off SETSAIL
Shrek's love FIONA
Skin cream additive ALOE
Slipper, for one SHOE
Slopping the hogs, e.g CHORE
Social function AFFAIR
Some eligible receivers ENDS
Spread, as seed SOWED
St. Teresa's home AVILA
Stains on reputations BLOTS
Suds maker BREWER
Suffix suggesting wealth AIRE
Take out DATE
Tender spots SORES
Tire pattern TREAD
Titled women DAMES
Tom and buck MALES
Took a chance DARED
Totally lose it SNAP
Tourist's rental CAR
Toyed with, cat-style PAWED
Turkish currency LIRA
Turnips and parsnips ROOTS
Ulna locale FOREARM
Unemotional STONY
Venice features CANALS
Vowel-rich lake ERIE
Where embryos develop UTERI
Winery process AGING
Words with stew or pickle INA
Worker during a walkout SCAB
X-Acto knife cut SLIT
__ Banks OUTER