The Sun - Two Speed - Jan 10 2021

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Clues Answers
Aircraft tracker RADAR
An Odysseus in another Odyssey? HERO
Bad language used in boathouse OATH
Beams reflected, sweeping back and forth? RADAR
Befuddled ATSEA
British skate cooked for picnic hamper BASKET
Brogue, e.g SHOE
Caesar's killer BRUTUS
Chatter GAS
Come into flower BLOSSOM
Completely bewildered on the ocean wave ATSEA
Cuts off pig noises outside DISOWNS
Dean lied about due date DEADLINE
Extremely clever news boss to whom cash is due CREDITOR
Faerie Queene writer SPENSER
Flat in Glossop a dream PAD
Fuel in megastore GAS
Fundamental RADICAL
Go away BEGONE
Hear score changes for runner RACEHORSE
Humiliation DOWNFALL
Implore one to go away BEGONE
Impressive AWESOME
Mature crowd retreats without casualties BLOSSOM
Medical attention, at no cost, without worries CAREFREE
Clues Answers
Militant spoke about Conservative RADICAL
Mow with ease in arrangement that's cool AWESOME
Notebook PAD
One indeed armed at sea! OCTOPUS
Pain expert tours hospital ACHE
Pasta dish SPAGHETTI
Person owed money CREDITOR
Pigs at the bananas and Italian food SPAGHETTI
Place setting? LOCALE
Poet's author in ship on capsizing! SPENSER
Protagonist HERO
Repudiates DISOWNS
Set to falsify papers RIGID
Site or scene LOCALE
Small egg on big roll SURGE
So he repaired footwear SHOE
Solemn vow OATH
Spooner's found everything in ruin DOWNFALL
Sudden increase SURGE
Tentacled creature OCTOPUS
Thoroughbred RACEHORSE
Time limit DEADLINE
Tom embraces Penny in wood MAPLE
Untroubled CAREFREE
Vagrant Mike into gin TRAMP
Very dry American senator in Rome once BRUTUS
Woven container BASKET