- Jan 9 2021

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Clues Answers
''A great volcano of a man who sang fire,'' per Bono PAVAROTTI
''Are we good?'' HAPPY
''How do you figure THAT?'' HUH
''Let's see who's faster!'' RACEME
''Nouveau-Mexique,'' for one ETAT
''Zealot'' apostle STSIMON
Aerial attack SWOOP
Alpine towers on the way out TBARS
Analytics expert DATAMINER
Annual ''People'' cover word SEXIEST
Antique letter opener SIRS
Beatnik's show of empathy IDIG
Best imaginable results OPTIMA
Certain supplemental coverage MEDIGAP
Come up short OWE
Compounds in fertilizer PHOSPHATES
Dashiki, for instance TOP
Determined to get it done ONAMISSION
Devices with virtual keys SMARTLOCKS
Do not exist ARENT
Emancipation Proclamation, e.g EDICT
Ersatz screwdriver COIN
Existentialist's void NONBEING
For any reason ATALL
Group game with Yoshi and Luigi MARIOPARTY
Half hexadeca- OCTO
Heyday for voice actors RADIOERA
Hoop group NBATEAMS
Household openers KNOBS
Hypnogram reading REMSLEEP
Inspirational assistance SCUBA
Mandate for maturity ACTYOURAGE
Clues Answers
Maximal ascendancy APEX
Media Player file format AVI
Metaphor for fading EMBERS
Musical instrument that can emulate whale calls WATERPHONE
Name related to Ilie ELIAS
Novel minimizer ETTE
NYY rival BAL
Once-popular middle name MAE
One in a Rubik's race SPEEDCUBER
Ones with thick spines TOMES
Onetime FDR employer NYS
Passing fancy MANIA
Pivotal place EPICENTER
Platform for 40 Across NES
Platters weighing only 120 g LPS
Preferred, in a phrase GOTO
Pushup muscle, informally TRI
Put together early PREMADE
Quirk TIC
Recipe reduction TSP
Reply to a back-seat driver's warning ISEEIT
Revolutionary movement EDDY
Sensibly composed SANE
Show place STAGE
Son of Cain ENOCH
Sounds of surprise OHS
Starts slinging mud GETSNASTY
Straw beds PALLETS
Tanning salon array OILS
Trick's conclusion STER
What Julius Caesar once was SENATOR
Worked on a board SAWED
Wow factor ECLAT