New York Times - Jan 8 2021

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Clues Answers
'Chicago Hope' actress Christine LAHTI
'See what you've started?' HAPPYNOW
'See, SOMEONE understands what I'm saying!' THISGUYGETSIT
'The Gray Lady': Abbr NYT
'Your point being ...?' YEAHAND
'___ that?' WHYS
A real head-scratcher? NOOGIE
Actress Kidman NICOLE
Algerian currency DINAR
Assignment that sounds like its third and fourth letters ESSAY
Award-winning architect Zaha ___ HADID
Blackens CHARS
Brook no refusal INSIST
Cajun cuisine catch CRAWDAD
Certain hydrocarbon ALKANE
Chef Lewis who wrote 'The Taste of Country Cooking' EDNA
Columnist Maureen DOWD
Cosmetics brand owned by Revlon ALMAY
Cozy spots NOOKS
Curry on TV ANN
Digital filing service? MANIPEDI
Doesn't go anywhere SITS
Dr. ___ DRE
Drop a line, say FISH
Evening prayer VESPER
Fabric choice for a gown SATEEN
First class INTRO
Friend or foe NOUN
Good name for a marine biologist? RAY
Headaches for talent agents EGOS
Home to the so-called 'Silicon Docks,' a European equivalent to Silicon Valley DUBLIN
Ice Bucket Challenge cause, for short ALS
Jiffy SEC
Lead-in to an opinion ASISEEIT
Clues Answers
Lead-in to brain or body PEA
Like the taste of a bialy ONIONY
Like una montaña ALTA
Locale in a children's song title DELL
Longtime soft drink slogan DOTHEDEW
Loser to Roosevelt in 1944 DEWEY
Make one's hair stand on end? TEASE
Milliner Bendel with a bygone chain of women's accessories stores HENRI
Muslim or Christian, e.g THEIST
Order to stop COOLIT
Part of some tables LEAF
Pink drink, for short COSMO
Pressing DIRE
Pro in Ohio, in brief CAV
Pulitzer-winning author Jennifer EGAN
Rain gutter locales EAVES
Really easy question LOB
Rechargeable city transport ESCOOTER
Saharan menace ASP
Setting with hobbit-holes THESHIRE
Sharp quality TANG
Simply not done UNHEARDOF
Stun, in a way TASE
Team ___ USA
This can help you find your balance ATM
Token reprimand WRISTSLAP
Tours can be found on it LOIRE
Uniform SAME
Void, in a way REPEAL
Weighs (down) BOGS
Welcome abroad BIENVENUE
Whiff, say AROMA
Whom Grogu resembles on 'The Mandalorian' YODA