The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,337 - Jan 8 2021

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Clues Answers
#drugs? HASH
Bishop attacked? That's twisted BRAIDED
Black, black liquid swelling BOIL
Book — what to do with it and what to buy it with BREAD
British Rail now ruined by ex-PM BROWN
Calls about oven get severe rebukes ROASTINGS
Clothes to wear when you're out? NIGHTIES
Commotion as difficult resit gets E- STIR
Copper's round, or is a square? BEAT
Criticise God PAN
Dad ceased dancing outside as a stunt ESCAPADE
Expert's against French art shows PROVES
Facial preparations designed to get forty winks back PEELS
Good exercise channel PIPE
Guarding posh spoiled girl tends to anger DISGRUNTLE
He's excited by Alien film SHEET
Head to the end of 7 levels EVENS
Clues Answers
Homer's expression involves prelude to Ulysses, good and ready DOUGH
How to go from 0 to 1 or 20? SCORE
Ideas man lambasted guide over loo break close to five IDEOLOGUE
Judge at home, immersed in dictionary, is happy being sophisticated Joinedup
Leaves sections without model soldiers DEPARTS
Love very loud group's counterbalance OFFSET
Man hides weapon in clothing GARMENT
Modern, say, incorporating special style TASTE
No admirers swoon then die, perhaps RANDOMISER
Old writer — look down and be amazed OPENEYED
Queen kidnapped by workers in bad moods TEMPERS
Slim regularly, or need quiche REDUCE
Smell bad in the Home Counties? Then wash! SPONGE
Springfield was 80% clean DUST
Unfolded drapes, cryptically OUTSPREAD
US labour leader, once topless, eating whipped cream when not being filmed OFFCAMERA