The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27869

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Clues Answers
A practice test taken orally with no control? AMOK
A quiet moment spare in museum ASHMOLEAN
Ace in race vehicle getting measure of Americans KARAT
Aftereffect of hair perm shock wave
Annoyed as cricketer made move on runners SLEDGED
Calling up first female, agreeing to replace the last EVOKING
Carnivore after meat joint gets stomach upset LION
Chap having German vote for Eurovision entry reduced JASON
City lack passion going forward, oddly? The very opposite OSAKA
Crime at a high level, with Kentucky judge dismissing cases SKYJACKING
Crust removed from half loaf that could take some cutting? ALBUM
Europeans on vacation head for bar ESTOP
Exceptional quality it had soon deteriorating SAINTHOOD
Excursionist runs in upsetting agent TRIPPER
Few taking this could make weight correct iron out
Fury after tax is raised for port STAVANGER
Clues Answers
Left-wingers on Brexit revolting in one go BRIO
Lockkeeper catching something cold and black in a net alice band
Marsupial black at the tail, with nothing in the way of stomach koala bear
One old book? After set of newer ones, frankly in truth
One sworn to at home hides OATH
One wouldn’t succeed the Spanish queen LOSER
Pools appearing out of the blue, with breeze getting up AQUARIA
Prestige: it follows aristocrat around, mostly KUDOS
Public officer’s glowing comment on periodical? MAGISTRATE
Relative in MI6? half-sister
Ruling about reactionary in court not to our liking! REPUGNANT
Shop returned waterproof coat missing rat on
Such easy puzzles, containing hint of Latin and ancient Greek AESCHYLUS
Tackle crow that’s damaged timepiece water clock
Weapons exploded, one in a pod snow pea
When speaking, pop four pounds in BEETLES