New York Times - Jan 7 2021

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Clues Answers
'Get your negative energy outta here' DONXXXXE
'Let's go already!' CMON
'Thanks for noticing me' character of kid-lit EEYORE
'Ultimate driving machine,' in ads BMW
2007 black comedy directed by Frank Oz DEAXXXXAFUNERAL
A to A, say OCTAVE
Abutting NEXTTO
Actress Mendes EVA
Animal also called a steinbock IBEX
Annual Austin festival, familiarly SXSW
Apt rhyme of 'nabs' GRABS
Beantown team SOX
Big wheels HUMVEE
Bit of trivia FACT
Bitter criticism VITRIOL
Blue-chip index DOW
Brand with a three-leaved logo NESTEA
Brian in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ENO
Bring bad luck JINX
Chip in, in a way ANTE
Chow down EAT
Cocktail specification WIXXXXWIST
Conflict waged on behalf of superpowers PROXYWAR
Curtail REININ
Dark rock ONYX
Disney henchman with long, white sideburns SMEE
Do a landscaper's job on RESOD
Drum typically played with one hand TABOR
Et ___ ALII
Exercises USES
Fedoras, e.g FELXXXXS
Gen ___ XER
Grain-shaped pasta ORZO
Harmful bacterial secretion EXOTOXIN
Hindu honorifics SRIS
Indian lentil dish DAL
Italian stratovolcano ETNA
Java server URN
Clues Answers
K's help it ERA
Kind of TV cable: Abbr AUX
Magazine with the annual Black Women in Hollywood Awards ESSENCE
Main SEA
Makes a scene? ACTS
Marks of a ruler INCHES
Mauna ___ KEA
Migration formation VEE
More than can be imagined AZILLION
New Year's ___ EVE
Often-mispunctuated word ITS
One whose work is on the books? WRITER
Outfit rarely worn out, for short PJS
Partner of fast LOOSE
Poet who said 'Let others praise ancient times. I am glad I was born in these' OVID
Pope whose pontificate lasted less than one month in 1605 LEOXI
Quick haircut TRIM
Rare blood type, for short BNEG
Resident at 123 Sesame Street ELMO
Results of some foreclosures TAXSALES
Return online? EFILE
Suffix with brew or quack ERY
Sunburn cause, for short UVWAVE
Symbol of freshness DAISY
Test, as ore ASSAY
Texter's message of appreciation THX
They follow the nus XIS
Top of the line AONE
Twiddles one's thumbs, say WAITS
Volcanologist's study LAVA
Wetlands waders IBISES
What an electrolyte produces ION
What's happening NEWS
What's more EXTRA
Whole lot TON
Whole lot SLEW
Words of correction ... or a hint to 16-, 20-, 36- and 54-Across STRIKETHAT
Worked in a wood shop, say SAWED