Wall Street Journal - Jan 7 2021 - Upper Bounds

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Clues Answers
“By yesterday!” ASAP
“Dig in!” EAT
“Heaven forbid!” GOSHNO
“Tosca” tune ARIA
“Well, I’ll be!” SONOFAGUN
...fashion PANTS
...manipulative people PERATORS
...of fiction PANZA
...repair PELESS
1973 McQueen/Hoffman movie PAPILLON
Abdominal muscle strengtheners PLANKS
After-lunch sandwich OREO
All alternative NONE
Bank offering, briefly REFI
Base bugling TAPS
Become unhinged SNAP
Big Bertha’s birthplace ESSEN
Blanched PALE
Blunted blade EPEE
Brief time SEC
Cairo debut of 1871 AIDA
Capt.’s inferiors LTS
Carrier of many NCAA games ESPNU
Cinematic scorer Morricone ENNIO
City of the Tibetan Plateau LHASA
Combustible heaps PYRES
Cuts off ENDS
Deck (out) TOG
Declaim ORATE
Dye variety AZO
El primer número natural UNO
Fail in a big way TANK
Favors one side over the other? LIMPS
Flat-bottomed boat PUNT
French battle site of 1916 SOMME
Future J.D.’s hurdle LSAT
Gadot of “Justice League” GAL
Clues Answers
Go bad TURN
Grandpa Walton’s portrayer GEER
Grant Wood, e.g IOWAN
Gray wolf LOBO
Guernsey, e.g COW
Guernsey, e.g ISLE
Head of Haiti TETE
Held for future consideration ONICE
Highlander GAEL
Hunan hello NIHAO
Intoxicate BESOT
Introduction to chemistry? NEURO
Joie de vivre ELAN
Letters on military letters APO
Mandela’s org ANC
Match makers? SETS
Nicole’s “Moulin Rouge!” co-star EWAN
Noted squire.. SANCH
Org. that displays pound signs? SPCA
Overflowing with vegetation LUSH
Paper pusher? NEWSSTAND
Pong producer ATARI
Quality of a clear sky BLUENESS
Queen, maybe ANT
Rays’ home, casually STPETE
River of Missouri OSAGE
Screenplay skeleton PLOTLINE
Sgts., e.g NCOS
Skillful.. SMOOTH
Sole supporter? SHOE
Solzhenitsyn subject GULAG
Support sort TECH
Truly vertical PLUMB
Two in a row? SPAT
Wasn’t truly vertical LISTED
Wide-legged.. GAUCH
Winter air CAROL