New York Times - Jan 6 2021

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Clues Answers
'Feel the ___' (bygone political slogan) BERN
'Gotcha' NOTED
'Huh-uh!' ISNOT
'Impractical Jokers' channel TRUTV
'No food for me, thanks' IATE
'Quit fooling around!' KNOCKITOFF
'Slow Churned' ice cream brand EDYS
1950s-'60s entertainment group RATPACK
2019 FIFA Women's World Cup champs USA
60 secs MIN
Actor Poitier SIDNEY
Ancient Jewish ascetic ESSENE
Anxiety about being excluded from the fun, for short FOMO
Author Jaffe RONA
Best Picture winner directed by Ben Affleck ARGO
Breakfast grains OATS
Button on a deli scale TARE
City near Leeds with historic walls YORK
Condition that can lead to repetitive behavior, for short OCD
Container at a bakery PIETIN
Counselor Deanna on the U.S.S. Enterprise TROI
Country with 28 states INDIA
Cowboy's lasso RIATA
East Coast city on a western coast TAMPA
Emoji that can mean 'Get a load of this!' EYES
Enthusiasm ARDOR
Exaggerated stories YARNS
Fidel's brother and successor in Cuba RAUL
Footwear fashion faux pas SOCKS
Former Japanese P.M. Shinzo ___ ABE
Frayed so? WORN
French political division ETAT
Fully from, as a place BORN
Game with antlers ELK
Holy scroll TORAH
Houston team ASTROS
Italian man UOMO
Kind of sauce in Chinese cuisine SWEET
Clues Answers
Lands heavily THUDS
Multivitamin fig RDA
No ___ traffic THRU
Not reacting INERT
Old Glory STARS
Orange discard RIND
Paradises EDENS
Part of the Notre-Dame Cathedral destroyed by a 2019 fire SPIRE
Past the point of being a joke, say TOOFAR
Pen sound OINK
Portuguese greeting OLA
Predators of penguins ORCAS
Proven to be reliable TRIED
Raised one's spirits? MADEATOAST
Remark from one who's obviously not going to call IFOLD
Reproductive cells OVA
Rice-A-___ RONI
Risk losing one's license, say DRINK
Rubberneck STOP
Scoundrel ROGUE
Second-level TIERTWO
Sneaker insert ODOREATER
Sold at Sotheby's, say AUCTIONED
Stiffly formal PRIM
Store hours word UNTIL
Take off SHED
The Jackson 5 had some big ones, informally FROS
The last one was named Louis ROI
Third and fourth word in many limericks WASA
Vivid colors NEONS
[See notepad] SOUR
[See notepad] PROPER
[See notepad] DRIVE
[See notepad] TRUE
[See notepad] SANDALS
[See notepad] STARE
[See notepad] BRED
[See notepad] STRIPES
___ to shame PUT