The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,564 - Jan 5 2021

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Clues Answers
A very soft, large, eastern fruit APPLE
Almost foolish to wrap king's gift SKILL
Answer sage prepared lacking good understanding AWARENESS
College dance is on 4th of June, head of department guaranteed PROMISED
Complaint from this writer as the French succeeded MEASLES
Concert -- almost remember about it RECITAL
Conservative fails to win contracts CLOSES
Daughter is sitting on plant -- catastrophe! DISASTER
English soldiers retreated -- that is beginning to suggest foes ENEMIES
European allowed to hug blokes for a bit ELEMENT
Fists cutting head after prisoner's lies CONSISTS
Flexible versatile folk RELATIVES
Former lover refers to tickles EXCITES
Gave a smack to child, entertaining sister, oddly KISSED
I sign under 500 books DIARIES
Clues Answers
Lady's nude dancing -- all's initially removed in two shakes SUDDENLY
Minute, hot insect under stone INSTANT
Motions get users worried GESTURES
Observes absence of publication for teachers? NOTES
Peter Sellers keeps to the point TERSE
Problem children ISSUE
Raised plain coat and a uniform PLATEAU
Rat keeping tense and upright STANDING
Relation's allowance cut RATIO
Son caught hospital department's smells SCENTS
Stripteaser even excited congressmen? REPRESENTATIVES
Tinker gets old emails? MESSAGES
Unfortunately scratchier cat is making marks CHARACTERISTICS
Where one might find holidaymakers bearing drinks AIRPORTS
Wine editor's fired SACKED