Universal - Jan 5 2021

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Clues Answers
"Didn't think we'd both be here!" OHHI
"Frozen" princess ANNA
"Frozen" snow queen ELSA
"Not again!" GAH
"The ___ Little Puppy" POKY
"There ___ no words ..." ARE
36-Down within "Danielle" ANI
Actress Jessica ALBA
Actress Reid TARA
Apple desktop IMAC
Auto-racing fans, collectively (see letters 4 to 12 in this answer) NASCARNATION
Barely ATAD
Bon ___ (cleanser brand) AMI
Canine problem? DECAY
Carpenter's clamp VISE
Certainly not cheery DOUR
Chivalrous guys GENTS
Classic children's book that hints at this puzzle's hidden words, with "The" SECRETGARDEN
Core exercise PLANK
Creme de ___ CACAO
Demolition letters TNT
Digits you can wiggle TOES
Dishwasher cycle RINSE
Disquiet UNEASE
Dorothy of old films LAMOUR
Files for Adobe Reader PDFS
Forewarn ALERT
Forfeited auto REPO
Grilling events, briefly BBQS
H's, in sorority names ETAS
Honey BAE
Imitated APED
Increase incrementally, with "up" RATCHET
It may be bitter or sweet (2 to 6) TASTERECEPTOR
It's under a track RAILROADTIE
Kao pad cooker WOK
Little angel CHERUB
Clues Answers
Little guy LAD
LLC relative INC
Longtime sitcom about a musical club GLEE
Maya Angelou's third volume of poetry (9 to 12) ANDSTILLIRISE
Miss Scarlet or Dr. Orchid NAME
Needed to repay OWED
New Orleans school TULANE
Nocturnal bear? URSA
Novelist ___ Neale Hurston ZORA
Obama ___ (when Sonia Sotomayor was appointed) ERA
One of 365 in 2021 DAY
One of five Norwegian kings OLAF
One of nine in Clue ROOM
Online crafts site ETSY
Others, in Spanish OTROS
Packed in like sardines DENSE
Painter Matisse HENRI
Part of a college application, often ESSAY
Patty meat BEEF
Printer brand EPSON
Races, as an engine REVS
Realize SEE
Sandwich with crisp meat, for short BLT
So-so OKAY
Software add-on PLUGIN
Sorority relative, informally FRAT
Stratospheric layer OZONE
TD throwers, perhaps QBS
Texter's "No more details, please!" TMI
Ticked (off) TEED
Tiny part of an annoying cloud GNAT
Trains, buses and planes MASSTRANSIT
Twilled fabrics SERGES
U-turn from WSW ENE
U.S. Pacific territory GUAM
Unlikely to show anger STOICAL
When all ___ fails ELSE
Word above this puzzle's first clue ACROSS