Family Time - Jan 4 2021

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Clues Answers
"... Simon ___ pieman ..." META
"Stop! Don't take another step!" HALT
266 divided by 14 NINETEEN
Adorn unnecessarily GILD
An extra cost for a service SURCHARGE
Arizona city or feature MESA
Automobile CAR
Battle among generals WAR
Beat soundly DRUB
Belief against a church's beliefs HERESY
Campus Greek house, briefly FRAT
Cellphone reminder sound BEEP
Chalcedony with black and white bands ONYX
Cherry pit STONE
Dance of Cuban origin RUMBA
Diner eggs order (2 words) OVEREASY
Dishonest speaker LIAR
Drink maker on a string (2 words) TEABAG
FedEx'ed SENT
Generic username ADMIN
Go back with a DVR REWIND
Had peanuts and honey ATE
Happening with regularity, to really old poets OFT
High-five sound SLAP
House paint variety LATEX
Impressive college deg MBA
Indicate "yes" silently NOD
Like some guidance, or mom-and-pop related? PARENTAL
Clues Answers
More "in" style TRENDIER
Museum purchase ART
Musical work based on a religious text ORATORIO
Narrowly spaced, as eyes (2 words) CLOSESET
Pacific plant with an edible root TARO
Performing better than OUTDOING
Porsche 718 Cayman, for one (2 words) SPORTSCAR
Powerful drink POTATION
Professor's job security TENURE
Royal decree FIAT
Selected in no particular order RANDOM
Sign of respect in the military SALUTE
Skinny fish without scales EEL
Starting poker chip ANTE
State-ly place? USA
Swirl of water EDDY
Tattoo place PARLOR
The movie after part II III
Thing said when dropping something OOPS
Tiny parasite MITE
Tiny particle that's a building block ATOM
To and ___ FRO
Truthful HONEST
U-turn from "hate" LOVE
Valentine's Day symbol ROSE
Weep SOB
Willingness to respect the beliefs of others TOLERANCE
Zoo attraction APE
___ Jose, Calif SAN