The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,556 - Dec 26 2020

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Clues Answers
A flower came to light AROSE
African very African! SOMALIAN
All the best encouragement I love CHEERIO
An official in college on the range ANDEAN
Clubs I initially rely on, not spades IRONS
Comprehensive hit when everyone refuses to work GENERALSTRIKE
Confused when fishing, perhaps? ATSEA
County provides employees STAFFS
Course record so modest at the outset EPSOM
Flower opened, a daisy's beginning to come up DAFFODIL
Hit yourself NUMBERONE
Money man in more ostentatious clothes FINANCIER
Move top article in magazine CARTRIDGE
Oddly, despair spoken highly of PRAISED
Clues Answers
Ordinary wares STOCK
Part-timer shocks alluring women TEMPTRESSES
Particular brewing of ales, epic ESPECIAL
Reported impertinence by those waiting for a haircut? Spicy stuff! BARBECUESAUCE
Rich yellow food in salad stuffed in mouth, perhaps? HOLLANDAISE
Solitary type, fellow struggling to carry on LONEWOLF
Something like a cricket cap is coveted, and delighting Australian openers CICADA
Stem river perhaps? RUNNER
Store trophy on flat surface CUPBOARD
Swimmer touring islands and one country TUNISIA
The writer of this puzzle a subject for discussion THEME
Vengeful Greek spoiled treacle ELECTRA
Weapon striking girl? BOMBSHELL
Wine around South Africa certainly not for ladies' man CASANOVA