The Washington Post Sunday - Jan 3 2021

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Clues Answers
'Are you?' response IAM
'Frozen' freezer ELSA
'General' on menus TSO
'I'll do that for you' ONIT
'I've got it!' cries AHAS
'Just giving it my best' ITRY
'Just hold on — you're gonna love this' WAITFORIT
'Salt' star Jolie ANGELINA
'Strictly Come Dancing' co-presenter Daly TESS
'Super Mario ___ 2' BROS
'That ___ right' AINT
'The Joy of Painting' painter Bob ROSS
'The Yipiyuk' author Silverstein SHEL
'We'll play it by ___' EAR
'___ and I Know It' (dance hit by LMFAO) SEXY
'___ belong in all places where decisions are being made': Ruth Bader Ginsburg WOMEN
'___ chic!' TRES
... about the drug lord Tony Montana / Aspect FACET
... directed by George Stevens / Began ___ (started over) ANEW
... featuring a woolly mammoth / Movie star's representative AGENT
... for which Isabelle Huppert was nominated for an Academy Award / 'My Name Is Asher ___' (Chaim Potok novel) LEV
... set at the Bates Motel / Food, informally CHOW
... set in 18th-century Scotland / Rolls-___ ROYCE
... starring Anouk Aimée / ___ Vegas LAS
... starring Arnold Schwarzenegger / 'All-Night Vigil' composer Rachmaninoff SERGEI
... that begins at the Watergate Hotel / Black gem ONYX
... that follows a group of military trainees / See 80 Down APSOS
... with Piston Cup racers / Take a load off SIT
1989 world champion figure skater Midori ITO
96 Across et al SERVANTS
Aggravates IRKS
Animal providing milk for its piglets SOW
Apple desktop option IMAC
Artificial appearance FALSEFRONT
Artistically angsty EMO
Author Munro / 2002 animated comedy .. ALICE
Auto-filled areas LOTS
B in a Greek class BETA
Bear ___ (pastry) CLAW
Best director award / 1983 crime drama .. OSCAR
Bizarre folks WEIRDOS
Blood fluids / 1996 action film .. SERA
Blueprint detail, briefly SPEC
Boat deck wood TEAK
Bogus SHAM
Broadcasts AIRS
Carrier based in Israel ELAL
Chaos ankle strap sandal designer Blahnik MANOLO
Chicago mayor Lightfoot LORI
Clumsy individual OAF
Competition for a poet SLAM
Copy of a sci-fi book? CLONE
Cyclops's trait ONEEYE
Declares it to be true SAYSSO
Deflect, as an epee PARRY
Dirty counter wiper RAG
Enthused question asked in reply to 'You want in?' DOI
Ethiopian of Italian opera AIDA
Fail to enunciate, say SLUR
Far from excited BORED
Field unit ACRE
Filled with amazement INAWE
Film technique showing a divided frame ... and what's spelled out by the first letters of this puzzle's 11 divided films SPLITSCREEN
Finishes with the lead WINS
Five-time Silver Slugger Award winner Robinson ___ CANO
Foal's mother MARE
Game spots ARENAS
Greek food truck order GYRO
Had competed at a meet SWUM
Hair goo / 2016 thriller .. GEL
Hard-___ (inflexible) NOSED
Hearts, e.g REDSUIT
Holiday burners YULELOGS
Clues Answers
Indo-Gangetic Plain city AGRA
Items in makeup kits EYELINERS
Kate Winslet's role in 'Hamlet' OPHELIA
Kawhi Leonard's org NBA
Kilt fold PLEAT
King, en français ROI
Large areas of land TRACTS
Lends a helping hand AIDS
Like fish and chips EATEN
Linux predecessor / 1995 historical drama .. UNIX
Long walks on the beach, e.g STROLLS
Mansions' staff directors BUTLERS
Mascara site / 1953 western .. LASH
Measures near vertexes ANGLES
Medieval-style poker? LANCE
Mia's role in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' SLOANE
Muscat's country OMAN
Neck massage areas NAPES
Oslo Accords grp. / 1961 romantic drama .. PLO
Oversupplies GLUTS
Parish priest / 2006 animated film .. VICAR
Parrr-tner? MATEY
Past boyfriends, e.g EXES
Peppers' planting period SPRING
Periods near the end LATESTAGES
Pet that kneads you CAT
Petty display of bickering SPAT
Player who may pass to a center or a guard FORWARD
Pull a scam on HUSTLE
Pulsate / 1995 historical drama .. THROB
Recovers gradually from an ACL tear, say REHABS
Remove, as a king DEPOSE
Representative Ilhan OMAR
Resentful behavior SPITE
Resistor unit OHM
Rocker Jackson BROWNE
Roles on film PARTS
Sci. course taken for college credit APBIO
Scuba diving locales SEAS
Set of straps on an ox HARNESS
Shield carried by Athena AEGIS
Show that once featured Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara SCTV
Sinks below the horizon SETS
Sister of Peter Rabbit / 1960 thriller .. FLOPSY
Skier's retreat LODGE
SNL alum Samberg ANDY
Snow day construction FORT
Some BP checkers EMTS
Spacek of 'Affliction' SISSY
Sphere of interest for us all? EARTH
Spread in a quesadilla, for short GUAC
Take care of something SEETOIT
Take to the stump ORATE
The P of LPGA, briefly PRO
Those with hive minds? BEES
Tiny tunneler / 1981 drama .. ANT
Tony Awards channel CBS
Toxic pond creatures NEWTS
Transfer, as riesling DECANT
Treelike Tolkien being ENT
Used a blade on lumber SAWED
Vaporizing rock METEOR
Venue provider HOST
Video game series set in the realm of Britannia ULTIMA
Wasted, as one's youth MISSPENT
Web developers SPIDERS
Went along smoothly SLID
What many wish they could turn back TIME
Where a filmmaker creates a final cut EDITINGROOM
With 50 Across, dogs first brought to America as gifts from the Dalai Lama in the 1930s LHASA
Word before Babies or Boos, among dolls BEANIE
YouTube search result CLIP
Yuja Wang's instrument PIANO
___ Land (Hollywood) LALA