New York Times - Jan 2 2021

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Clues Answers
'Family Feud' airer GSN
'He hath but a little ___ face': Shak WEE
'Hi' follower DEF
'That wasn't just talk on my part' IMEANTIT
'That's enough out of you!' SHUTIT
'Très chic!' OOLALA
'You're ___!' (reproof) LATE
'___ Up' (N.F.L. feature with in-game dialogue) MICD
2020 Christopher Nolan sci-fi thriller TENET
Actress Russell of 'The Americans' KERI
Actress Thurman UMA
Actress/YouTube star Koshy LIZA
Aren't wrong? AINT
Arthur and Garfield, for two TOONS
Artificial object in orbit? GLASSEYE
Back stroke? PAT
Band for an awards ceremony, maybe SASH
Become incapable of parting? GOBALD
Bit of work JOB
Bit of work ERG
Browns, in brief CLE
Canceled OFF
Capital on the Cape Verde peninsula DAKAR
Caribbean locale across the water from Morro Castle OLDHAVANA
Child's one-piece outer garment ROMPER
Dance-based class in a pool AQUAZUMBA
Delicacy also known as sablefish BLACKCOD
Drink that you could really use THIRSTQUENCHER
Dwell (on) OBSESS
Euro forerunner ECU
Fits in between? HALFSIZES
Fluorescent bulb, maybe TULIP
German : Freundin :: French : ___ AMIE
Go-ahead SAYSO
It has wheels and flies ROLLERBAG
Clues Answers
Language of southern Africa SWAZI
Level best? TRUEST
Like much Halloween candy BITESIZED
Like some exotic drinks at tiki bars SETONFIRE
Mauna ___ KEA
Merck work, for short PHARMA
Milk, slangily MOOJUICE
Mortal mother of Dionysus SEMELE
Musica, for one, in ancient Rome ARS
Noted relationship in physics EEQUALSMCSQUARED
Paper, vis-à-vis scissors LOSER
Philharmonic sect STR
Pirate's activity RAID
Primed READY
Promising area ALTAR
Rap sheet, so to speak CRIMINALRECORD
Sci-fi leader of the Resistance LEIA
Sea urchin in sushi UNI
Shade from the sun TAN
Shanghai or Mumbai PORTCITY
Show one's humanity, perhaps ERR
Simon of the 'Mission: Impossible' movies PEGG
Slow down BRAKE
Smidges TADS
So-called 'People of the Sun' AZTECS
Some 'M*A*S*H' characters ASTERISKS
Speed up HUSTLE
Stopped a ship using the wind, in nautical lingo LAIDTO
The lion's share MOSTOFIT
Three o'clock, so to speak EAST
Trader ___ VIC
Vessels for vintners TUNS
Where the flash drive was invented: Abbr ISR
Word sometimes followed, mysteriously, by an ellipsis UNLESS
Work one's way through, as a maze THREAD
___ Sword (night sky sight) ORIONS